Millthorpe station re-opens for passengers

After a spell of 33 years the first paying passengers have alighted onto Millthorpe station, and it appeared that almost a third of the town was there to greet it on Friday morning.

Like cinders off a coal fire, accolades were showered upon the member for Bathurst Paul Toole, who was instrumental in finding the funds for the development, by the official party who travelled from Blayney upon the inaugural XPT train.

Mr Toole though humorously acknowledged that although he was a strong advocate for public transport, one of his driving motives was the tenacious character of the Millthorpe on Track group.

"They just wouldn't shut up," he laughed, "So I thought it would just be easier to go and find a million dollars.

"Seriously though they had the vision, the drive and have never given up."

Blayney mayor Scott Ferguson said that without a doubt it was one of the most exciting occasions that he's had the privilege to be a part of.

"You can feel the excitement about the future," he said. 

"The future of rail, the future of Millthorpe and the future of our shire."

Past president of the Millthorpe Village Committee John Mason said that without the work of the original Millthorpe on Track group that saved the station from demolition, the station would no longer exist.

"This station is one of only four heritage listed stations still in service in NSW and to Beevor Roll, Virginia DeSantis and Alison Cropley we all thank you for your work to save the station," he said.

The current Millthorpe on Track group, led by Laurie Williams, were the group that Mr Toole was referring to when he spoke of their determination, and the group is now continuing their service to the community, but not by pestering politicians.

In conjunction with accommodation groups in Millthorpe they will be offering a mini-bus pick up service at the station for visitors that are arriving by train.