Blayney Chronicle
The Blayney Chronicle is the only detailed source of local news for the people of Blayney Shire.

Compiled by a small but dedicated staff of professionals, the Chronicle keeps its readers abreast of all issues relating to the shire and the people who live within its boundaries.

A weekly publication, the Chronicle with a very high penetration rate, keeps its readers informed, entertained and educated. The Blayney Chronicle is also sold through newsagents in Orange and Bathurst.

Though heritage plays an important role in the lifestyle of all Central West residents, it is the Blayney Shire where history is most alive hence the name Blayney Shire - Heritage Country. Here you can visit well preserved historic villages, see magnificent country homesteads, tour interesting museums, inspect historic buildings, fossick at old mining sites and view nature at its best.

Adding to the history of the region are a number of attractions and features that make Heritage Country a unique holiday destination.

There are many sporting facilities, a range of accommodation options, shady parks and gardens, art studios, craft outlets, a watersport paradise at Carcoar Dam plus reliable transport links. With a pet food plant, rail container terminal and associated industries,

Blayney itself is a progressive town while throughout the Shire the mining industry is booming with the rich tableland soils continuing to produce a bountiful harvest.

The large regional centres of Orange, Bathurst and Cowra with their additional attractions are just around the corner making Blayney Shire the ideal base for a holiday experience.