Millthorpe Matters | Blayney Shire Council to re-open the Millthorpe Railway Station

After years of lobbying the NSW State Government and Blayney Shire Council to re-open the Millthorpe Railway Station as a stop-on-request station, planning is now under way to reintroduce trains back to Millthorpe Station.

Millthorpe’s star Millthorpe Village organiser and initiator of this project, Randall Edwards and his collaborator Laurie Williams, were on hand to help Paul Toole MP, Blayney Council Mayor Scott Ferguson and Millthorpe Village Committee and residents celebrate this major announcement.

“We have spent a great deal of time talking with local government and Paul Toole to see how we can re-open the Millthorpe Railway Station as a “on request” stop for not only the XPT which goes from Sydney to Dubbo but for other services that also go through to Broken Hill,” Edwards said.

“Millthorpe is a great tourist destination and this will encourage more visitors to take the train and stop off at Millthorpe on their way through.

“The stop-on-request is also great for local residents who have a disability or parents with prams and travellers with luggage wishing to take the train from Sydney or to Sydney.

“This project, which has been in the making since the mid 1990s when many past and present members of the Millthorpe Village Committee were involved with myself including Rob Frogley, is very important for Millthorpe and its thriving community and businesses, everyone will benefit.

“It also has enormous benefits on a tourism potential.”

The NSW State Government are assessing the operational issues before Christmas and addressing the community with the view of finalising the project within 18 months.

President of the Millthorpe Village Committee, John Mason was ecstatic about the announcement even bringing his own luggage!

“This is a major achievement for Millthorpe and the community and I want to thank the Blayney Council and Paul Toole for getting behind the opening and contributing one million dollars towards extending the stop on request.


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