CentrePoint gym opens for 18.5 hours

It's taken 18 months to organise, all amongst a substantial revamp of the CentrePoint pool, but the gym at the centre is now open from 4.30am through to 11pm.

Director of Planning and Environmental Services Mark Dicker said that the process of transforming the gym to one that was open without staff present, had been a long and involved one.

"We have had to make sure that we could minimise any risks and maximise the safety for those using the gym after-hours," he said.


All current members of the gym are issued with toggles that allow access into the gym during normal hours, however obtaining access once staff have left requires members to take part in an induction process before their toggle will allow extended access.

The induction process involves a tour of the gym's new safety features which includes an emergency call point, a new fire escape and safety lanyards for those working out alone late at night.

The only other requirement is a photo to go on file with the membership.

"Unless they go through the induction, they can't get in," Mr Dicker said.

Part of the induction process is explaining the restrictions that are in place regarding access to other parts of the centre, using the fire door when there is no emergency and giving your toggle to someone else.

"There is a $300 fine and cancellation of membership for any breaches," Mr Dicker said.

A trial including 28 regular users was made over the Christmas period, and aside from a few minor technical issues, the new hours were a big hit, and the numbers are steadily increasing.

"So far we have 83 people who have been inducted," Mr Dicker said.

"This is proving to be very popular for contractors and shift-workers that are living in town and require access during those hours. We can also organise group inductions as well."

For local Rugby player Tino Saena, the extended hours have been fantastic.

'I can come in whenever I feel like it," he said.

"I have no complaints, it's been really handy."