How to survive level four

Nick Anagnostaras says to try and save older trees and shrubs rather than annuals.
Nick Anagnostaras says to try and save older trees and shrubs rather than annuals.

Millthorpe is known for a number of events and premier amongst them is the annual Millthorpe Garden Ramble.

2019's ramble was held under difficult circumstances as those gardeners without access to bores had to maintain and bring their gardens to the fore.

With only 30 millimetres of rain falling since the November ramble ended, some of the gardeners are going back to basics to keep their gardens looking good.


President of the Millthorpe Village Committee Nick Anagnostaras, whose garden was in the 2018 garden ramble, said that now that Blayney shire residents are on level four restrictions, utilising those two hours of watering a week requires careful planning, and for some, it may mean sacrifices will need to be made.

"A less frequent, but more intense watering is much more productive for your garden," he said.

"You're better off leaving it soak in for the whole hour in one spot to get the best saturation into the soil," he said.

Mr Anagnostaras concentrating on larger specimens and those that are rare or cherished.

"If you've put a lot of effort into a plant, save it by all means, but for those that are easily replaceable, that's a decision for yourself to make," he said.

Like many gardeners Mr Anagnostaras has a bucket in the shower, including a special one in the kitchen sink.

"We call it the scunge bucket and when we wash our hands or rinse plates all the water goes in there, and then onto the garden," he said.

At level four gardeners are allowed to use soaker, drip or microsprays as well as hand held sprayers for one hour between 6pm and 8pm every Wednesday and Sunday.