Forestry Corporation of NSW has begun harvesting timber out of the Pennsylvania State Forest.

Usually the smells of an Australian summer are barbecues, eucalyptus and sunscreen, however thanks to some harvesting activity out in Pennsylvania State Forest, Adelaide Street is taking on a slightly piney note.

After thirty years of being nurtured by the Forestry Corporation of NSW, the pine trees in the forest are being harvested, and the quickest route from the site to the mill is along Colo Road, Hobby’s Yard’s Road and onto the Mid-Western Highway.

Forestry Corporation Haulage and Sales Manager, Tijmen Klootwijk, said that harvest will continue for five years, however the work is determined by the season and the conditions.

“We have only just started harvest at the beginning of January, however we think that November to May is the period in which we will operate and that the full extent of the operation will last five years,” he said.

“We are letting the communities of Barry and Hobbys Yards know they will see more traffic activity when harvest begins.

“We are working with our service providers, Blayney Shire Council and Bathurst Regional Council to minimise disturbance.”

Mr Klootwijk added that the forest was still open to visitors during the harvest.

“We welcome visitors to Pennsylvania State Forest, however we urge particular care when driving along Colo road and to follow the operational signage in forest, as some areas will be closed or have restricted access,” Mr Klootwijk said.

“Following harvest, Forestry Corporation will re-establish these plantations to continue to supply the local timber industry.”