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Cookies are the new snack helping you lose weight. No, we're not lying

 Learn how you can actually stick to your weight loss goals in the new year with a cookie diet. Picture Shutterstock
Learn how you can actually stick to your weight loss goals in the new year with a cookie diet. Picture Shutterstock

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There's the classic saying that we inevitably preach as the new year rolls around: "New year, new me! It's time to achieve my weight loss goals."

What follows after that is the self-promise (and often vocalising to friends and family as an attempt to set your goal in stone), and a desire to overhaul your diet, eliminate any junk foods and start fresh with a strict meal plan.

The likelihood of you sticking to this permanently is very slim. Two weeks in, and we're not surprised at the many people who go back to their old ways. Why can't you stick to your diet? You wonder that same question every single year.

There's no reason to feel the pangs of guilt that follow a failed New Year's resolution, especially when they're fitness and health-related. The cold-turkey change to one of the many strict diet plans out there (or making your own) is unsustainable for many people. While they have your best interests at heart, these meal plans are either too unrealistic or not engaging enough for the average person. And that's okay!

Healthy living and eating can present itself in a plethora of ways. As technology advances, so do ways that people can diet. And for people who love to snack on a little treat at different points throughout their day, new options are arising. In fact, there's now smart snacking made easy with weight loss cookies. Yes, you heard that right. Weight loss cookies are a thing now, and we're curious.

What are weight loss cookies?

These intriguing types of cookies are exactly what they sound like: cookies that will assist you on your weight loss journey. They're also known as 'hunger-controlling cookies', and are purposed to help you satisfy your hunger so that you're not overeating.

Weight loss cookies contain a combination of natural ingredients and proteins that help to suppress your appetite. This keeps you fuller for longer, preventing you from snacking unnecessarily and sticking to the most important meals of the day.

How do diet cookies work?

Diet cookies are designed to assist individuals in managing their weight by controlling their appetite and calorie or kilojoule intake. These cookies typically contain specific ingredients and strategies to achieve this goal. Ingredients can vary based on the type of cookie and the brand.

Generically speaking, weight loss cookies often have a high fibre content, which helps promote a feeling of fullness and reduces the urge to overeat. Fibre also slows down digestion, stabilising blood sugar levels and preventing energy crashes.

Diet cookies may contain a substantial amount of protein. Protein is known to increase satiety, making individuals feel full for longer periods. It can also regulate appetite hormones, potentially reducing overall calorie consumption.

These cookies are often pre-portioned, aiding in calorie control and preventing excessive snacking. They usually have fewer calories and less sugar than regular cookies, aligning with weight loss goals.

Some diet cookies incorporate appetite-suppressing ingredients, such as green tea extract or plant-based compounds.

However, it's crucial to remember that diet cookies should complement a balanced diet and exercise regimen, rather than replacing them entirely. Consulting with a healthcare professional is advisable before adding diet cookies to your routine, especially if you have specific dietary restrictions or health concerns.

Is a cookie diet healthy?

A cookie diet can be a potentially healthy weight loss alternative when approached correctly. These diets typically involve consuming specially formulated cookies that are portion-controlled and nutrient-dense. When these cookies are used as part of a well-balanced diet plan, they can help individuals manage calorie intake, promote portion control, and satisfy sweet cravings without excessive sugar or calories.

However, it's essential to emphasise that the overall diet's quality matters significantly. A diet consisting solely of cookies may lack essential nutrients like vitamins, minerals, and diverse macronutrients. Therefore, it's crucial to incorporate a variety of whole foods, including fruits, vegetables, lean proteins, and whole grains, alongside the cookies.

This diet also needs to be paired with a healthy lifestyle in order for it to be effective in a positive way. Consistent movement and exercise will help to keep fitness levels up. And with your weight loss cookies in hand, you can ensure that you're eating healthy and living healthy.

Utilising weight loss cookies as a tool to help you lose weight, and prevent additional weight gain, is ideal during and after the holiday season, too. With the higher-than-normal amounts of food that are enjoyed with family and friends over the Christmas period, many people fear stepping on the scales afterwards. With mindful eating, that doesn't need to be an issue.