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Interior tips and tricks to give your home the glow up it deserves

Interior tips and tricks to give your home the glow up it deserves

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Whether your home is starting to look a little tired, or you simply want to add a few new touches to a familiar space; a home makeover is always a good idea, but it can feel overwhelming as to where to start.

Should you redo your whole space and start from scratch? Which pieces do you get rid of and which do you keep? With this guide, you can find a few small tips and tricks that make a big difference to your home.

Glow up

One of the most underrated additions you can make in your home is the lighting. Lighting changes the ambience of your space and has the potential to completely transform a room.

Floor lamps are a fantastic interior to incorporate into your home. They add both decoration when chosen correctly as well as being functional by providing light.

They also give the impression of height where perhaps there isn't much due to their length. Adding more light to your home gives the illusion of more space, so why not also add an overhead light?

This makes use of the space within your home without adding unneeded clutter.

Declutter your space

Don't confuse a home makeover with adding unneeded pieces of furniture to your house. The fastest way for a home to look dated is by having too many mismatched pieces jammed into the same space.

One of the most frugal interior hacks you can have in your tool kit is the ability to get rid of items you do not need.

Look around your home and work out what you can keep and what should have been thrown away, that housewarming knick-knack given to you by your great aunt doesn't need to stay on display, and you really only need one decorative blanket.

If you're somebody who is prone to holding onto items of emotional value, a great way to minimise clutter without throwing out pieces is by utilising storage space. When purchasing items for your home, be sure to take into consideration their storage ability, this tip will ensure your home is stylish whilst also functional.

Seasonal style

A way to limit the over purchase of new items whilst also ensuring your home looks updated and stylish, is by limiting yourself to the new purchase of a few items for each season.

That way, every few months you're able to refresh your home without the need for constant new purchases. A way to make certain your home is cohesive without the danger of dating is to come up with an overarching colour palette.

Working within these restraints actually allows you to be more creative with the pieces you purchase and means that your interiors don't clash as you make the seasonal switch up.

Rather than opting to change up key furniture such as couches and tables, work with smaller details that play a key role in switching up the feel of your home. Swap a heavier decorative blanket in the winter for a lighter linen in the summer. Substitute your cushion covers every few months and make your monthly vase rotation.

Revive with a repaint

If switching up a succulent isn't substantial enough, a fresh coat of paint is the perfect way to refresh your living area. The colour of your walls truly set the tone for your home's style and feel.

Opt for a bold neutral tone such as khaki to be transported away to a jungle oasis; or instead work with white walls to make your space feel lighter, brighter and put the focus on the items within.

One is not necessarily better than the other; painting your home a vivid hue is a daring choice that means your room instantly stands out. It can also mean you use this tone as a guideline so that each interior you purchase must fit the colour.

White walls, whilst not as attention-grabbing initially, give you more capacity to play as you can have a literal blank canvas to work with.

Mirror mirror on the wall

Whilst we would all love to have a huge space within we can switch up and restyle endlessly, for many of us unfortunately that is not the case.

So what is an easy way to add space, light and beauty to your home without completely renovating it?

The answer is mirrors. Not simply a vanity object, mirrors create light within a room by doing the very thing they were designed to do, reflect.

This gets two birds with one stone as it creates the feeling of space, making them a very purposeful item in your home. However, they also add to your space purely aesthetically if you go for a mirror that doubles as a decorative piece.

Whether you are attempting to add the illusion of extra space or light in your home; or simply looking to refresh your interior style, following these points are the perfect way to revive an outdated style, or simply inject some more fun into your home.

So pick out a new throw pillow and refresh those walls; we can't wait to see the results.