4 Things you should know before subscribing to Kayo Sports streaming services

4 Things you should know before subscribing to Kayo Sports streaming services

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Are you a sports fan? One of the most sought after ways to enjoy live sports events is live streaming. Online sports live streaming media involves simultaneous recorded and broadcast of a sports event in real-time.

Kayo Sports is a sports streaming provider in Australia. Below are the important things you need to know before subscribing to Kayo sports streaming services.

Over 50 Sports Available

Kayo Sports provides you access to more than 50 sports to watch weekly. You can check the Kayo Sports TV guide so you won't miss your favourite games.

Kayo Sports promises to keep you in time with all your favourite sports events right from on-demand, the front page, and live in high-definition (HD) quality.

Sports fans can watch a selection of live events and sports matches on Kayo. Your Kayo subscription will generally include the following content:

  • Highlights, Shows, and Documentaries: Apart from live sports on Kayo, subscribers can watch over 30 documentaries, analysis, commentary, news, and banter from major sports networks across the globe.
  • Live Channels: Kayo provides 13 sports Live Channels with delayed and live sports coverage.
  • Pay-per-view (PPV): All Main Event PPVs are available on Kayo's Main Event.

Features To Enhance Sports Viewing Experience

Do you want to know the game-changing features of Kayo Sports? Kayo Sports have features that promise to enhance the viewing experience of sports fans, such as the following:

  • No Spoilers: This setting allows you to catch up on a sports match without knowing the game result beforehand.
  • Key Moments: This feature helps you skip the unnecessary scenes and go straight to the best parts of an event or a match.
  • SplitView: If you're looking for many viewing options, you can watch up to four-game feeds simultaneously with SplitView.
  • Interactive Stats: This feature allows you to get greater insight into the match.
  • Kayo Minis: If you're stretched for time, you can do it with a Kayo Mini. This feature is a bite-sized replay, giving viewers a comprehensive overview of chosen fixtures for a fraction of the time when watching a full replay.
  • From Start: If you're too late to watch a live broadcast, you can use this feature to watch from the beginning or jump straight into the game's LIVE action.

Sports To Watch On Kayo Sports

What are the sports games viewers can watch on Kayo Sports? It's important to know if this live streaming service can provide the sports you want to watch to get the most out of your subscription. The sports events to watch on Kayo Sports include the following:

  • Rugby League: Because National Rugby League (NRL) is popular in Australia, Kayo ensures they have exclusive rights to all regular season live NRL matches. This sports live streaming service also has Super League live events in the Northern Hemisphere.
  • Australian Football League: Kayo Sports carry all regular-season matches of AFL. AFL Grand Final can be viewed On Demand and Live with all subscriptions.
  • Cricket: Cricket fans can watch all major cricket events happening worldwide by streaming live on Kayo.
  • Football: Many football spectators can watch football games from the major leagues and matches in Australia and abroad through Kayo Sports live streaming.
  • Motorsports: Motorsports fans can watch MotoGP, F1, and Supercars live on Kayo Sports.
  • US Sports: Kayo Sports and US sports network ESPN are partners, providing Australian viewers live matches from the most popular sports leagues in the United States, including NFL, NBA, MLB, and NHL games.
  • UFC Main Event: Are you an avid fan of UFC and boxing? Main Event includes major pay-per-view (PPV) combat events, including UFC events and World Championship Boxing. While this channel was exclusive to Foxtel viewers, selected events are viewable on Kayo.


When you sign up for Kayo, the two subscription options are Basic and Premium. Both options provide the same quantity and great quality of content, including high-definition and all the best features.

So, what's the difference between the two? A basic subscription allows you to watch up to two streaming devices. On the other hand, the Premium subscription allows you to watch up to three streaming devices.

You can use different devices with your Kayo subscription. Just keep in mind that you can stream on two (with Basic) or three (with Premium) of them at the same time.


Kayo Sports revolutionises Australian sports broadcasting. It comes with useful features to enhance your viewing experience.

This live streaming service allows you to enjoy your favourite sports events anytime, so as not to miss the most exciting parts of the game. Now, you're ready to subscribe to Kayo Sports as a well-informed consumer.