Jacqui Lambie cops "disturbing" messages from "right-wing nut jobs" after phone number leak

Independent senator Jacqui Lambie has been receiving "disturbing" messages from "right-wing nut jobs" after a One Nation candidate leaked her phone number on Facebook.

Ms Lambie said she was called "every word from under the sun" and was "smacked down" by the messages during an interview with Michael Rowland on ABC News Breakfast on Wednesday morning.

"What a pack of cowards they are because they have their 'no caller ID' on and I think you're actually quite disgusting," Ms Lambie said.

"Honestly, these right-wing nut jobs out there and there's only a really small amount of them. Most of those people, whether they want a vaccine or not, they're good, they're doing the right thing, they're peaceful, they're protesting. But you've just got this really, really small fringe group out there and quite frankly, you are disgusting.

"They're swearing at me and calling me every word from under the sun. Seriously? Are you serious? If you want to say something to me put it in a sentence, say what you've got to say. But all this swearing. Where do they think it's going to get them?"

 Senator Jacqui Lambie launched a stinging attack on One Nation and its opposition to vaccine mandates. The party's Senate candidate Steve Mav posted her mobile number on Facebook afterwards.

Senator Jacqui Lambie launched a stinging attack on One Nation and its opposition to vaccine mandates. The party's Senate candidate Steve Mav posted her mobile number on Facebook afterwards.

One Nation's Tasmanian candidate Steve Mav posted a screenshot of a text message exchange between senator Lambie and a constituent which included her phone number, following her speech to the Senate on Monday that slammed One Nation over its vaccination mandate stance.

Ms Lambie said "One Nation has hit a whole new low" for leaking her number.

The senator said she has some concerns for her safety amid the AFP giving safety briefings to politicians in Canberra.


"There is heightened tensions out there right now over this whole vaccine and COVID-19 thing. You've seen [Mark] McGowan out there this morning thinking about packing his family up and moving house. You've seen Daniel Andrews under constant threat," Ms Lambie said.

"It's pretty sad that I've got people out there crying they want their freedoms but you're putting us in a situation where we have to worry about our safety and now you're going to limit our freedoms and it shouldn't be like that. It is not the Australian way."

One Nation Senator Malcolm Roberts said his party did not condone leaking personal numbers but Senator Lambie's was publicly available in the Senate on Tuesday.

"Yesterday, Senator Lambie said people make decisions and there are consequences for those decisions," he said.

Senator Roberts said One Nation candidate Steve Mav published the number after receiving it from a member of the public, who got it from Senator Lambie's Facebook page.

Senator Roberts claimed Mr Mav had removed it. But responding to a commenter on the amended post, Mr Mav insisted "Facebook did [it] not me".

Ms Lambie said she wants a formal apology from Mr Roberts.

"I'll be putting that on paper and I'll be addressing that in the senate in the next day or so and we're going to go back to it. I want an apology, not even a phone call from Malcolm Roberts," she said.

"It's just disgusting. You did the wrong thing, mate. You put my number up there. It is a really low act in what you've done with the heightened tensions going on out there. And quite frankly, you disgust me."

In her speech on Monday, senator Lambie described One Nation as "hypocritical" for claiming it opposed "discrimination" over vaccination status, while the party attempted to discriminate against same-sex attracted people and people from Muslim-majority countries.

Mr Mav posted a text message exchange that showed senator Lambie saying she was opposed to vaccine mandates.

Since being endorsed as One Nation's Senate candidate for Tasmania, Mr Mav has spoken at various events opposed to vaccination mandates, including a protest in front of Parliament House in Hobart on Saturday.