Blayney's main street concept plans have been revealed

The main street of Blayney has been radically reimagined in a presentation to the Blayney community.

Parallel parking, bike lanes, one way streets and a massive new car park are the main changes for Adelaide Street proposed in the concept plans produced by Place Design Group.

Presented over Zoom the bold plans are all part of Blayney Shire Council's, Blayney 2020 Master Plan and Implementation Strategy.

One of the most interesting features of the plan is the narrowing of Adelaide Street and the construction of two car parks off Farm Lane, which would also become a one-way street.

Place Design Groups Director Nick Ison said that narrowing Adelaide Street would make it a safer and more enjoyable place to be.

"Wide open carriageways encourage faster vehicle speeds," he said. "By narrowing Adelaide Street with wider footpaths, bike lanes and pedestrian pinch points it will slow vehicles and promote safer pedestrian movement."

Footpath dining and space for social gatherings is also a feature of the concept plans as is a pedestrian thoroughfare from Adelaide Street through to Bernardi's supermarket and the two new car parks.

The entry to the railway station car park will get a major overhaul with the entry to Railway Lane disappearing and a new entry sign being built to welcome people to Blayney. The entrance would also become a one-way street.

Being concept plans Mr Ison and the council's Director of Infrastructure Services Grant Baker said that feedback from business and the community is an integral part of the continued development of the plans, and judging by the questions asked during the presentation, there will be many.

Participant Ian Tooke said that the concept plans objective of calming the traffic on Adelaide Street were a positive, however the loss of parking spaces through parallel parking can only be offset if the proposed car parks at the rear of the Blayney Pharmacy and CRT were to come to fruition.

"There are structures built on a lot of that land which is used and owned by the businesses," he said. "I can't see how that can work and if they think they can't use that to offset the lost parking on Adelaide Street, we'll be in trouble for parking."

President of the Blayney Town Association Rebeca Price said that overall the concept plans are great first step.

"Narrowing the main street is an evidence-based solution to slowing traffic and is more effective than speed humps or other mechanisms," she said.