Neville and Carcoar shows scratched for 2021

NO SHOW: The popular Carcoar Show has been cancelled for the second year running. Photo: Mark Logan.
NO SHOW: The popular Carcoar Show has been cancelled for the second year running. Photo: Mark Logan.

Agricultural shows are all about bringing people together, and their popularity over the past few years, particularly in the Blayney shire, have increased significantly.

It's that notion though of people getting together that has forced the cancellation of two of the shire's show.

Both Neville and Carcoar shows have been removed from the show calendar for 2021 thanks to the continued spread of COVID-19 throughout the central west.

For the vice president of the Neville Show Society Kate Burrell, the cancellation of the November 13 show was no surprise.

"The decision was really taken out of our hands, there's nothing else that we could do," she said.

"Plus, we didn't want to risk our small community here in Neville because we have a lot of elderly people living out here."

As one of the youngest shows in the circuit, a total of ten years in existence, this year's cancellation follows on from last year's as well.

Despite the two cancellations, the committee is ready for 2022, and they have a few online events planned for this year as well.

"We'll be back bigger an better next year and we'll be having extra events scheduled as well," Mrs Burrell said.

"We're going to have a fat lamb competition as well as a show by Aussie FMX Entertainment doing a stunt show on motorcycles.

"The online event will be for the children of the Blayney shire and will include photography, cooking and a Lego competition and prizes will come from local businesses that would normally support our shows but can't at the moment."

From the youngest show in the country to one of the oldest, the Carcoar Show's president Mark Richardson said that he never thought that he'd be telling people that the show has been cancelled yet again.

"Considering the restrictions that have been enforced, and the situation doesn't seem to be improving, we have decided to cancel the 2021 Carcoar Show," he said.

"Agricultural Shows are all about bringing people in the community together to exhibit, socialise, compete and entertain - just what we shouldn't be encouraging during a Covid lockdown."

On the plus side though, Mr Richardson said that preparations for the 2022 Carcoar Show are well in advance.

"The show ring has been sown, a gravel road has been built right around the ring, the Webby Read Sheep Pavilion has had a major upgrade, and there is plenty of seating available all around the grounds," he said.

"To achieve so much during numerous lockdowns and difficult trading times is a credit to the team behind the show."