The Millthorpe subdivision and mining centre draw the ire of the community

LETTERS: Reaction to council's decisions

Re: Millthorpe subdivision

So sad the council could not see that this is just a greedy revenue venture rather than a development sympathetic to the historical village that it could be.

Jane Turk



The guidelines for councillors, found in the NSW Office of Local Government website, state that councillors, "are expected to represent the views of the community while making decisions in their interests, demonstrate conduct that the community expects and deserves, and plan and oversee the running of a significant and complex business. "

At Council's meeting last Monday, these expectations, and the wishes of a significant majority of the Millthorpe community, were ignored by four of the six councillors.

The excessive density of the proposed subdivision at 61 Forest Reefs Road, the western 'gateway' to the village, and unresolved drainage issues, should have been enough to require the developers to substantially amend the plan.

This travesty of process by council will not benefit the village, only the developers.

What a cliché of self-interest and questionable process.

Charles Dunn



Re: Mining woes

Like everything to do with this mine the people are going to be the losers, the people living around the mine and now the people who live near the mining village.

Council are rubbing their hands together with the prospect of money coming into the town and so is business but I for one do not want to live with the idea of dust, earth tremors, noise, water loss and a 24-hour, seven-day-a-week entity destroying our homes and lifestyles.

This village will be a nightmare for all who live near it just as the mine will be a nightmare for all those who have to endure it every day.

Julie Said