Coronavirus testing in Blayney: You can get tested for COVID-19 this week

Blayney will receive a drive-through corornavirus testing service on Thursday from 9.30am to 2.30pm as part of a state-wide blitz to identify potential cases.

The services means Blayney will become the second place in the Central West to have a mobile service.

Western NSW Local Health District public health director Priscilla Stanley said 150 people had been tested in Oberon last week, with "everyone tested" in the town returning a negative result.

"But we need to keep testing people, even if they only have mild symptoms, so we can stay on top of COVID-19 as the general restrictions around movement start to be decreased," she said.

The test is free and won't need a referral from a GP or hospital, with the drive-through testing mean no-one will need to leave their car.

The mobile testing will be help at the Blayney Shire Council office car park on Adelaide Street.

"Our staff will be able to come to you, do a short assessment and get your details, and then do a swab from the back of your throat and then the back of your nose," Ms Stanley said.

"The tests are then sent away for analysis which normally takes about 48 hours. If your test is negative, you can request to get those results by text message even faster.

"People who are tested are asked to self-isolate until they get their results."

She said symptoms of COVID-19 can be "very mild", making it important for as many people as possible to get tested.

"While most people who have COVID-19 will recover, some people can become very sick, particularly older people or people who are already ill. Sadly, 46 people have died in NSW from COVID-19, including one person from our district," Mrs Stanley said.

"Right now, our message is very simple - if you have any symptoms, even mild ones, arrange to be tested.

To date, there has been almost 366,000 COVID-19 tests performed across NSW, with more than 7,700 of them in the Western NSW Local Health District.

Forty five people living in the district have been confirmed with the disease, with no cases currently active.