Junior Sport | Well done and congratulations on player of the week Riley!

Under 6s Blayney Warriors versus Waratah Titans

The under 6s had a great game, all did really well with just four players this week!

Cody and Charlie both getting in there attacking and had a couple of good runs. Jaxson and Riley both scoring a goal, Riley running back to attack and took a great dive to save a goal! Well done and congratulations on player of the week Riley!

Blayney under 7 Jaguars

Saturday, June 15 u7 Jaguars played Warratah roar on a sunny day at Blayney. The jaguars really found their feet this week and it was reflective of the team work and the goals scored. Asher was all over the field helping out in defence at times and initiating plays and scored the majority of jaguars goals, he also displayed some good post goal floss moves. Charlie had a great game impressing the crowd at one point, stopping the ball on the spot and doing a 180degree turn. Her ball skills have improved out of sight.

She kicked and chased as well as dribbled the ball up to score a goal. Jack kicked it up a gear and stopped a lot of runaway balls, passing them up the field. He attacked the ball gaining a bit off the opposition and often making plays at the ball further up the field. Jai bought his power kick launching the ball and chasing it. He placed himself well and offered support, at one point he found himself in front of the goals and took control of the ball, with the roar putting their bodies on the line, he still managed to find the goal.

Patrick tore it up this week, challenging the opposition for the ball. He had some good sideline kicks bunting to key position team mates. At one point Pat scored a goal from a way back and got it in. Georgia followed the ball this week with determination.

She followed instructions, she kicked the ball to team mates and kept up with the pack, at one time Georgia took control of a wayward ball and dribbled it in a zigzag fashion through the Roars defence, then passing it on. For these qualities Georgia earned player of the match. Jaguars Player Of the week Georgia.

Under 8 Phoenix

Phoenix this week took on a very talented Molong side.Phoenix a little depleted this week with Beau 1 of our tiny terrors away were going to have to dig deep. Ollie started the game in goals and was very strong with some nice saves and great quick goal kicks to get Phoenix on the front foot.

Lilly and Tayla started up front with some girl power taking the attack to Molong.. But it was a great run from Myles playing at the back who opened up the scoring with a scintillating run through the Molong defence and calmly slotting the goal. This silenced the Molong crowd and the Phoenix began to control the game. Lachie had some fantastic attacking runs but his defence today against much bigger opponents showed great courage.

Rhys showed some great speed pushing hard to score a goal and slicing open Molongs defence. 1-0 at halftime and Ollie was let loose with Lilly taking over in goals Lilly had another cracking game in goals and shows no fear attacking the ball. Ollie provided some much needed fresh legs and was absolutely everywhere.

Digby again was solid in the mid field providing some nice passes to his teammates and very nearly curling in a corner. Molong scored an equaliser and then scored quickly after as the Phoenix began to tire. But the Phoenix wouldn't give up peppering the Molong goal right until the final whistle with Tayla having a cracking shot only for it to be unluckily stopped between the goal keepers legs. Myles was awarded player of the week.


I am so proud of Wildcats today, they really played as a team, their were some close calls to scoring from Cooper, Carter and Garth even though they didn't quite get the ball in they kept trying all game. Great to see Cody, Paige, Lachie and Johnny getting in amongst the other players and giving that ball a good kick.

Awesome work to both our goalkeepers Cooper and Lachie, wow lots of saves, well done. As we walked off i smiled hearing Cooper, Garth and Johnny talk about what a fun game they just played, thats what it is all about, having fun. Thanks again to parents who helped today with set up, laundry, bringing oranges.

Player of the week went to Paige well deserved she never stopped trying, great work Paige

Blayney under 9s Spirits played Waratah Warriors

Spirits came out firing, but Waratahs were ready for it and got the 1st couple of goals, but were quickly answered by Andre running up the sideline dodging defenders and scoring an unbelievable goal. Karter was on fire up the back, tackling and staying with the ball and not making it easy for the warriors to get passed.

Cortnee was a little pocket rocket who was knocked down a few times but kept getting up, she was awesome, just attacking the ball with absolutely no fear, I really think she should come to us for the rest of the season. Hamish and Archer were unbelievable in defence and attack, they were all over the field wherever the ball was and ran themselves ragged.

Hayden came on and made some great tackles and was right in the middle of the action without hesitation. Andre got our second goal and was pretty much a carbon copy of his other goal.

Hamish was in goals and was fantastic made some huge kicks down the field to clear the goals. Cortnee and Georgie were up front and were awesome little combo, always being there in support and making some good plays together.

Casey, Karter and Andre were mid/backs. Casey had a blinder, shaking off his first half blues, Karter was a stand out he was always there in defence and attack, never giving the Waratahs time to breathe. Andre had a great game, nearly scoring two more times but just missing.

Little Hayden was our sub again and showed such bravery going up against much bigger opponents without hesitation. Spirits kept Waratahs score less in the second half with their great defence. Player of the week went to Hamish

Blayney Glory under 11 match

The game kicked off with Diesel and Matthew as power-attack up front and Aiden Burns in centre mid to feed the forwards. Nashdale however packed their midfield and in the first half Glory had trouble building any sort of attack. Harley was kept very busy in goal.

Nate controlled his defending line with Linkon and Stirling blocking the wings, but the Nashdale players cleverly combined their way through, scoring a handful of goals. The wingers Jayden and Aidan Hunter had to assist the defence so much, the attacking tandem of Matthew and Diesel was left somewhat stranded. Matthew got flooded by defenders and Diesel dropped back way too far to worry the defence.

Midway through the half Linkon and Aiden Burns swapped places and Linkon, who started of shaky, actually started to dominate the midfield, whereas the speed of Aiden Burns was very valuable in defence. From there on in the Glory took some kind of control of the game and once the attack got boosted with Spencer who was available to fill in for Caleb, Glory finally started to look threatening up front. Matthew broke through, scored two goals and Spencer almost added another when his volley from the corner just flew over the bar.

The second halt saw. Matthew who had taken a knock to the knee, put on the gloves and went in goals. He had a few great saves and generally fuelled the attack from the rear with his big goal kicks. Diesel got positioned as right-wing defender and played his absolute best from within that spot.

With the play coming towards him rather than chasing it up front he was so much more solid and together with Nate pretty much created such a rock in the back line, even the skilful Nashdale forwards couldn't break through. In possession, Nate also pushed the defence up well, catching out the keen Nashdale strikers offside time after time and thus locking them into their own half. Stirling on the left-wing defence put his training into the game, and it paid off as he had a number of good disrupting plays.

Linkon played a great second half, tackling hard and going for every loose ball. The most dominating force in the second half however was Aiden Burns in centre midfield. With his tireless efforts Aiden popped up everywhere and almost single handed kept the Nashdale centre at bay.

Harley who got a run on the field in the second half had a couple of threatening plays towards the end of the game and setup a few of his team mates in front of goal. Spencer worked hard when he was on the field and brought structure to the attack.

Jayden who played on his familiar wing, finished the game as striker. Jayden who clearly hates the high balls coming at him, plays his very best when he has the ball at his feet and managed to put through a few good passes.

Aidan Hunter who also switched from wing attack to striker in the second half always gets there first when those long dangerous balls are coming from the rear and his determination so often delivers some good goal scoring opportunities.

Roar versus Fury

Roar played Fury on Tuesday afternoon and what a great game it was. It began with both teams acting like training session with lots of talking and laughing with each other. Roar's Angus, Maggie and Olivia pushed the ball toward the goal and Fury's Hannah, Jaime and Tiana defending very well.

Liv Dowsett was in goals and saved everything that came her way early in the half. Emma, Cameron and James defended and attacked well on the counter attacks while Elijah remained calm in goals. Antonio arrived and him, Lucy and Caleb combined to make some impressive runs.

Draedy defended will to keep Fury out. Spencer joined Roars forward line and sent some awesome balls across the goal catching Fury's defence off guard and Angus finding the net from an unlucky bounce off Liv's hand. Caleb,

Jess and Amelia pushed the ball forward but Cameron, Emma and James proved difficult to get around. Late in the first half Roar scored from pressure applied by Angus and Cameron and after a few bad bounces. Liv was devastated but keen to get her revenge.

The second half saw a change of goalies in Roar and Fury with Liv facing Emma on opposing teams with fire in her eyes. Jess, Lucy, Amelia and Antonio attacked strongly but Roar's defence was too strong. Cameron demonstrated some fancy footwork to get the ball out wide to his players.

Hannah, Jaime and Tiana held strong in defence stopping any further attacks from Roar. Liv eventually got the ball and took it to the goal getting her revenge and scoring in Fury's only goal. This game was great to watch with a great exhibition of sportsmanship and laughter. Roar came out on top but the smiles were shared amongst the two team. Well done Roar and Fury.

On Saturday the Blayney Lions travelled to Waratah Showground to face off against the Waratah Raiders. Blayney started strong and our defenders Leyton, Liam Davis, Emily and Riley were doing a great job of stopping all attacks from the opposition. However after a few attemps the Raiders managed to get one past Levi, our goalkeeper.

For the rest of the first half Blayney were the dominant team, Kade, Liam Eves, Braeden, Neo and Hugo all putting in work, keeping the ball in an attacking position and Sarah scored one back to level the score, unfortunately Raiders were able to score a second goal just before the half time whistle.

The second half saw Levi come out of goals for Brayden, but again the teams were evenly matched, both teams getting many scoring opportunities, the Raiders were able to get two more goals in the half widening the gap between the scores.

However Blayney never gave up and kept attacking, after a few opportunities we were awarded a spot penalty for a foul in the goal box and Sarah was able to score it taking the score to 4-2 to end the match.

Player of the week went to Kade for his outstanding game, he was running non-stop and was always where he needed to be to help his teammates.