Federal candidates warned about illegal election advertising

POSTERS: Election material for Member for Calare Andrew Gee along Cargo Road (left), Millthorpe (top right) and Blayney (bottom right).
POSTERS: Election material for Member for Calare Andrew Gee along Cargo Road (left), Millthorpe (top right) and Blayney (bottom right).

Candidates for the May 18 federal election have been warned about placing election material on public land after the region was littered with posters during March's state election.

Posters for Nationals candidate Andrew Gee have been seen in and around Blayney, while others are seen in bigger centres across the region.

An email from Orange City Council staff to candidates on Friday warned campaign teams about the legal requirements of election material ahead of the vote.

"Given Council, in the past, has received numerous complaints from the community about posters being attached to trees and other public assets, this letter is to give your campaign teams the opportunity to remove these posters from these locations as soon as possible," the email read.

"Council staff will remove posters from trees in the Orange local government area.

We were told during the state election very clearly what the rules were ... my people were instructed none of my posters were to be put up on public land.

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers candidate Sam Romano

"This election material can then be collected from the council works depot."

Blayney Shire Council did not respond for requests for comment about signs in the Blayney area by time of press.

Despite the council policy and state legislation, some signs still feature prominently - including several along Cargo Road which were still up on Friday at lunchtime.

The policy currently on public display would effectively bring an end to the practice of election candidates displaying 'Vote 1' posters or similar material in view of drivers along the region's roads.

More posters

More posters

Council has confirmed posters cannot be placed on telephone or light poles without the permission of the phone/electricity authority, nor on crown or community-owned land.

"This means that posters cannot be placed on trees on road verges, on trees alongside highways, or in parks or on footpaths or on any other council-controlled land," the email read.

A spokesperson from Andrew Gee's office responded when asked for comment in regards to posters in the Mudgee area, which have been prominently displayed heading into Mudgee.

"The posters were put up by some over enthusiastic, young campaign helpers who were not aware of the Council regulations," the spokesperson said.

"Our campaign director is liaising with Mid-Western Regional Council on the issue and we will remove them as soon as practicable, which will be before the election."

Shooters, Fishers and Farmers' candidate Sam Romano said it was "a sign of disrespect" to place posters on trees on publicly-owned land and said all his material was legally placed, instructing his supporters not to place posters on crown land.