Power to the gym people

No go on card-only transactions

On Friday 31 August a 14 page petition containing over 160 names was presented to Blayney Shire Council.

This was in response to council’s decision to implement a cashless system of payment at CentrePoint Leisure Centre.

This would have affected a large number of the community using the facilities.

I would like to sincerely thank all the people who signed the petition and a big thank you to Lily Newman and Gwen Webster who took the petition beyond CentrePoint.

Thanks to Mark Logan for his interest and the Blayney Chronicle for running the story.

I was pleasantly surprised at the number of people who contacted me asking about the petition.

A wonderful show of people power considering the petition wasn’t taken to the wider community.

Lesley Barnes, Blayney.

Egging disappoints resident

Not long ago we received an anonymous letter by post, and recently, someone threw eggs to our vehicles.

All indicates that some locals are unhappy with us and we cannot guess the justifiable reason.

We are part of this community for many years, we have made this town our home and our children have studied in the local public school and high school.

We never had had any serious problem with anyone, we are very peaceful people and do our best to keep out of trouble.

We are working class citizens that always try to live according to the rules of the land.

Personally, I did voluntary work in Blayney for years and away from here, I am still performing voluntary tasks with people in need.

We are concerned about the person or persons that are doing those nasty things to us.

We would like to take legal advice but that is impossible because the cowards don’t show their faces.

By now, we are sure that we are targeted by faceless creatures and we are worry about not knowing what sort of attack they are preparing for us.

Maybe should be a good idea for the police to patrol the streets more often, preferably at night time.

We never expect that people could behave that bad in a small community like ours.

As good Christians, we don’t keep hard feelings in our hearts and we are well prepared to accept a genuine apology.

Tony Huelmo, Blayney 

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