Parma challenge

Goodness: Marty Russell and Kathryn Cumberland with 
one of their chicken parmas. Photo: Mark Logan.
Goodness: Marty Russell and Kathryn Cumberland with one of their chicken parmas. Photo: Mark Logan.

Ever had that urge to go to the pub and smash down a decent chicken parma?

Well now you won’t just be enjoying what is an Australian pub classic, if you pick your hotel right you’ll also be helping farmers across NSW deal with the affects of the drought.

The #ParmaforaFarmer campaign has been going viral on social media over the past week and Marty Russell from the Exchange Hotel said that after speaking to local farmers he’s putting the challenge out to the other hotels in Blayney, Bathurst, Orange and the villages to join in.

“Whenever the farmers come into the bar to have a beer at the end of the day and I ask them what they’ve been up to, the answer is always the same, feeding stock,” he said.

The concept is simple, order a chicken parmigiana and the participating pubs will donate $1 from each meal to the Buy a Bale campaign, the organisation chosen by the Australian Hotels Association to assist the farmers.

For Mr Russell though he’s raising the challenge, donating $3 from each parma sold, without raising the price.

“We’re paying for it essentially and we’ll keep doing it every day until the drought finishes,” he said.

Mr Russell kicked his Parma challenge off last weekend and said that he’s expecting a surge once word gets out.

“We did 11 parmas last weekend but that was without anyone really knowing about it, so it should really start to pick up this week,” he said.

The Exchange isn’t the only hotel in town getting into some fundraising.

The Tattersall’s Hotel is also throwing support behind the farmers and are organising a fundraising night on Saturday September 1.

Chef at the hotel Simone Brunt said that the generosity of local businesses meant that they had some tremendous prizes on offer.

“We’re going to have a trivia night and raffle with nearly $5000 worth of prizes available,” said chef at the Tatterall’s Simone Brunt.

The money raised from the Tatt’s will head to the Burrumbuttock Hay Runners.

“They were chosen by some of the guys that drink here as a group that are really helping out,” she said.