18’s and tag lead the way for the Bears

The Blayney Bears sides were split 50/50 last Sunday with two of their sides triumphant over their Oberon counterparts, but alas the other two came away without a win.

The under 18’s were the first to notch up two points with a massive 38 – 2 against a hapless Tigers side.

Coach of the under 18’s Cameron Hobby said that now that he had a full side again, there was no stopping them.

“We have them all back from their representative duties so we’re back to full strength,” he said. “We were a bit light on for numbers at the beginning of the season.”

And with an almost identical score of 32-4, the league tag side dashed and darted their way to a substantial win.

At fifth spot on the League Tag ladder, the Blayney Bears girls are smack bang on the middle rung, and their coach Steve Mooney is feeling confident that they’ll be climbing it as the season progresses. 

The first division went down to Oberon Tigers 46 – 6 also almost identical to the premier league score of 48-6.

Premier League coach Tim Mortimer said that depth continues to be his biggest issue, but signings of new players are continuing.

“We’ve had to play fatigued players and injured players in the wrong positions, but we have been making steps in the right direction and concentrating on signing a few new players,” he said.

“We’ve got Jacob Bell from Oberon and Nick Godfrey from St Pats and they’re making a big difference already,” he said.

As for his own fitness Mortimer has reported that he’s all fixed and ready to play at full strength.