Roads and tourism top Bruce Reynold's list

Communications consultant Bruce Reynolds has announced that he will be running for election as a councillor in the local government elections on September 9.

Mr Reynolds said that the inaction of council over several road and traffic related issues had forced him to become involved directly.

“I’ve encountered some challenges with council over the last couple of years in relation to roads and a school bus sign that council has taken no action over,” he said.

“I feel that the only way to get any action taken is to be involved.

“You can keep talking for so long and unless you take on the responsibility yourself to try and get some changes, no one appears to be listening.“

I feel that the only way to get any action taken is to be involved.

Bruce Reynolds

Apart from his desire to see the roads of the shire improved, Mr Reynolds would like to see tourism being an integral part of the shire’s future development.

“We need to fix the bridge so that tourists can travel directly from Millthorpe to Carcoar and create a tourism route that will allow everyone to see all the historic villages, and that benefits the entire shire,” he said.

As a communications specialist, Mr Reynolds believes that it’s in communicating with communities that he will excel.

“We need to find out what their needs are, and implement them,” he said.