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Wandering the wildflower state: Experiencing art, culture, & history in Perth

Wandering the wildflower state: Experiencing art, culture, & history in Perth

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Perth is largely considered to be an underdog when it comes to Australian getaway destinations. As Australia's most remote city centre, there aren't too many obvious reasons to travel to Perth.

After all, holiday destinations on the eastern coast are generally more accessible for most of the population, alongside possessing equally gorgeous beaches to what you may find along the Western Australian coastline.

That being said, Western Australia does possess an untouched and rugged beauty that can't be matched by any other Australian getaway destination.

Alongside the region's breathtaking landscape and the unique twists and turns of the city and luxury hotels like the Crown Towers in Perth as these roads and buildings undulate organically around the Swan River, there are many hidden gems in Perth's own arts and cultural scene, meaning that even tourists who never leave the city will find themselves with plenty to do.

If you do leave the city, however, the wider Perth region itself possesses its own unique Indigenous and Australian colonial history that's well worth exploring too.

So how can you experience all the arts, culture, and history that Perth has to offer? By following these travel tips we've outlined below.

Visit some of Perth's galleries and museums

Perth is actually home to a variety of art galleries and museum spaces, ranging from the inestimable Art Gallery of Western Australia, all the way through to military or war history museums like the Aviation Heritage Museum, and the Western Australian Maritime Museum.

You may even decide to spend a day at the Perth Zoo! There are gallery experiences to suit all kinds of interests, so be sure to read up on all the other gallery and museum exhibitions that you can expect to see in Perth during the time of your visit to the city.

For those looking for an immersive art experience, we highly recommend visiting the Van Gogh Alive limited time exhibition that's being hosted at the Supreme Court Gardens right by Elizabeth Quay.

This fantastically colourful exhibition experience will see you placed directly into some of Van Gogh's finest pieces of work. Just be sure to bring your camera, because you'll absolutely want to preserve your memories of this exhibit before it goes.

Explore the gardens at Kings Park

One evergreen attraction that's likely to suit all kinds of tastes is the picturesque Kings Park and surrounding botanical gardens. Situated on the western banks of Swan River and just to the southwest of Perth's city centre, Kings Park spans 400 hectares of gardens, bushlands, statues and memorials, and recreational spaces that Perth citizens can enjoy year round.

Because of the Park's abundance of recreational spaces (including outdoor theatre spaces), park visitors can also enjoy a highly diverse events calendar that includes family gardening workshops, guided walking tours, and even concerts and other creative community events.

We highly recommend taking a guided walking tour of the Park during your visit to Perth. As Kings Park's botanic gardens are home to over 3000 species of native Australian flora, there's sure to be plenty to learn and explore on any given day. Tours also run on a daily basis, so it's not likely that you'll miss out if you plan ahead of time and arrive for your tour punctually.

Sample Perth's fine dining options

Alongside Perth's great variety of arts and cultural institutions, the city is also home to some of Australia's most unique eateries and second to none fine dining experiences. Perth visitors can enjoy a wide range of cuisine, including freshly caught seafood, Asian fusion cuisine, and classic Australian dining experiences, complete with some of the Perth region's own bottles of homegrown wine.

Thanks to the Swan River winding its way through the Perth CBD, holiday-goers may also be able to snag themselves some waterfront seating so that they can watch the ships come and go as they enjoy their meal alfresco-style, a cool and comfortable breeze carrying across the river's still waters.

If you are planning to dine at any of Perth's premier restaurants and eateries, we have to advise that you place your reservations at least a week or two in advance, as bookings do tend to fill up quickly, especially on weekend nights.

Take a tour of the Swan Valley region

You don't necessarily have to stay within the Perth CBD in order to enjoy a nice meal and a delectable glass of wine. In fact, chances are that travelling to the regions surrounding the city of Perth may allow you to enjoy some equally mesmerising gastronomical delights.

The Swan Valley region is one such particular location where tourists can enjoy rolling hillsides as well as visits to some of Australia's most unique and prolific vineyards.

There are over 150 wineries to be explored throughout the Swan Valley region, so we recommend participating in some of the region's famous Swan Valley Food & Wine Trails to enjoy a tour of the region that's tailored to your palate!

Available Swan Valley Trails include Cider and Ale, Sweet Temptations, Fresh Seasonal Produce, Bush Tucker and Beyond, Wine and Art Off the Beaten Track, Fine Wine, Distillery, and Kids in the Valley, a trail experience that's best suited for families travelling with younger children.

If wine-tasting isn't entirely your thing, then you'll be happy to hear that the Swan Valley region is also well-known for its rich Indigenous and colonial history, with many heritage buildings available for visitors to explore, and historic sites such as the colonial city of Guildford, that can be found at the very end of the Swan River. There are a handful of historic tours that you can sign up for in and around Guildford, all of which are sure to delight any and all history buffs in your travelling party.


Whilst the attractions and experiences we've outlined above are all highly accessible or within close proximity to the Perth CBD, it's well worth noting that there are equally unmissable destinations across the length of Western Australia, including Rottnest Island, Margaret River in southern WA, and the Kimberley Region to the north.

If you do have time in your trip itinerary to spend a few days at any of these three locations, then you absolutely should! Adding these country WA experiences to your trip itinerary will only enhance your engagement with Perth's arts, culture, and of course, the region's expansive history.