Sally Moad faces Orange Local Court for hindering police who wanted to search house for guns

IN COURT: The woman appeared in Orange Local court for sentencing. FILE PHOTO
IN COURT: The woman appeared in Orange Local court for sentencing. FILE PHOTO

A Spring Hill woman who hindered police when they went to her home in search of illegal firearms has been convicted in Orange Local Court.

Sally Moad, 32, was at home when police arrived at 7.50am on February 11 with a warrant to search the premises under the authority of the Firearms Prohibition Order.

Police introduced themselves however, Moad, and another woman who will face court in Dubbo for her involvement, started swearing at the officers and telling them to "f*** off" and "get the f*** out of the house".

The two women attempted to push police out of the doorway and Moad continued to carry on while a detective attempted to explain the reasons for attending the address and the lawfulness of being able to search the premises.

However, Moad refused to listen to the police and screamed over the top of them and shouted "f*** off you c***, I'll punch you, you cock sucking c***, f***ing maggot dog, you're f***ing mutts."

Moad eventually left the house along with the other woman and the police were able to explain the details of the search warrant to other people in the home.

Due to Moad's behaviour, it took the police 35 minutes to explain why they were at the house.

Moad was previously convicted of a similar offence against one of the same police officers and for that offence she received an Intensive Correction Order custodial sentence.

Barrister Frances Lalic said Moad has since participated in anger management as well as drug and alcohol programs.

"This offence is less serious, however, the offences are the same type," she said.

Ms Lalic also noted that until these offences, Moad had mostly appeared in court for driving offences and since she received the ICO at her last court appearance, she has participated in all programs she's been instructed to do.

Magistrate David Day sentenced Moad for both matters and because this offence took place first he gave her a two-year community correction order requiring rehabilitation.

"It indicates to me that Miss Moad realises this is the end point to some [conditions] that she's failed to address," Mr Day said.

"These sentences mark a worrying deviation from Miss Moad's offending from driving and driving with illicit drugs in oral fluid."