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Choose the best brand of solar battery for your home

Finding the right battery to power your home into the future at the right cost can be tricky. Social Energy have all the answers you need. Photo: Supplied

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Many people are trying to reduce their carbon footprint and live more green and sustainable lifestyles. Going solar is a great way to do so.

But it isn't as easy as simply installing solar panels, there are various components involved, and an important one is finding the best solar battery storage system.

Social energy can assist with getting solar and battery storage that is affordable and reliable.

They have got the best advice for you to ensure that you buy the best solar battery for your home.

The Best Solar Batteries Of 2022


There are two great solar batteries on the market from Renogy. There's the Deep Cycle AGM 12 volt.

This one may take up some space as it is bulky, but it is excellent for your solar system. It is easy to install and has low maintenance.

Note that this solar battery shouldn't be deep charged, only with suggested voltages. It is best for solar marine and off-grid applications.

The other one is a Deep Cycle Pure Gel Battery. These are best for the off-grid solar power market and provide maximum storage. Pure Gel batteries don't require monitoring or maintenance.

They have a long lifespan, great security features, and low self-discharge.


Tesla has been rated as the best overall. The Tesla Powerwall 2 is a bit pricey but is one of the more robust solar batteries on the market.

It's a complete AC lithium-ion battery system with a built-in inverter/convertor.

It also means that it can be retrofitted if the house has an existing solar panel system. It has an excellent battery capacity.

The only problem is that the battery is not modular, so there's only one size available. If you want a larger capacity, you will need to buy multiple power walls.


Generac's battery is thought to be the most powerful. Their PWRcell offers one of the highest capacities and power ratings.

You can easily expand the storage capacity, and it has smart management modules (SMM) that manage power distribution during an outage and maintain power.

The only problem is that it is one of the more expensive options, but the power makes it worth it.


LG has produced one of the most popular solar batteries, the Chem RESU-10H lithium-ion battery. The battery cells in this powerhouse have been layered to help prevent failure.

It is high-quality and consistent and is said to have a battery life of 4000 cycles. The only downside is that the warranty only offers a guarantee of 60% over the battery lifespan.

Choose the best brand of solar battery for your home

Types Of Batteries For Your Solar Panels

Lithium-Ion Batteries

Lithium batteries are the most common. They're great for solar panels and outdoor equipment as they can endure harsh weather conditions.

They're expensive, but their performance makes them worth every cent. They also have a good lifespan, capacity, and low maintenance.

Sealed Lead-Acid Batteries

A sealed lead-acid battery is perfect for those who don't regularly check their devices. They have a self-contained system, are non-hazardous, and are spill-proof.

They don't self-discharge, so they're suitable for seasonal properties.

Flooded Lead Acid Batteries

This battery has been on the market since 1859. It's affordable and almost 99% recyclable. A flooded lead-acid battery is best for daily charging cycles. They must be well ventilated as they emit gas.

They also require regular maintenance as they need to be submerged underwater-best for those who take a more hands-on approach.

Explore your options and make sure that you invest in a solar battery that is reliable and suits your home's energy needs!