Bestwick Real estate purchase Kennedy Real Estate in Blayney

NEW OWNERS: Mitchell Bestwick, Robyn Smith, Sheridan Bestwick and David Kennedy. The business will retain the Kennedy name. Photo: Mark Logan.
NEW OWNERS: Mitchell Bestwick, Robyn Smith, Sheridan Bestwick and David Kennedy. The business will retain the Kennedy name. Photo: Mark Logan.

The name will remain the same and you'll see David Kennedy in the office from time to time adding his input, but the real estate business that he established is now owned by Mitchell and Sheridan Bestwick of One Agency Bestwick in Bathurst.

It was a chance meeting between the two agencies at an open home in Bathurst that sparked the idea behind the new enterprise.

"We were at the open house and Mitchell just made an off-hand comment that if he ever wanted to sell to let us know," Sheridan said. "It went from there."

With Townsend's Real Estate opening on Adelaide Street the opportunity to expand into Blayney through the purchase of an existing agency made sense for the couple who can see the potential in Blayney and the surrounding area.

"There are a lot of agents in Blayney but we're just going to concentrate on the clients that we do have and improving the services and processes for them," Mrs Bestwick said.

The potential of the McPhillamy's mine opening and the flow of young families looking for more affordable housing in the expanding subdivisions are drawcards for the couple.

"The Blayney market is like every other market in Australia at the moment, it's booming," she said.

When David Kennedy began the business 16 years ago a modest home in Blayney could be purchased for under $100,000. Those days are long gone but he still sees great value in local real estate.

"Blayney is no longer a dormitory suburb of Orange and Bathurst and is being recognised as a great option for people to settle in," he said.

"It's quieter than Orange or Bathurst, a little easier and doesn't come with the problems that beset those larger places."

Mr Kennedy said that many families are offsetting the half an hour or so of travelling to work against the value of purchasing or building a home in Blayney.

"Blayney and the villages are starting to come into their own as legitimate destinations for people and it's a fair and reasonable trade off. I wish it was like this 16 years ago. Demand is outstripping any supply," he said.

Mr Kennedy said that the decision to sell wasn't an easy one but as he is in line for a kidney transplant at Westmead Hospital, that was a large part of the motivation in selling.

"They could call at any time and say to be there tomorrow," he said. "You can't run a business like this and just take a few months off work after the operation."

There will be no major changes to the way the office operates with all contact details staying exactly the same.

The team are working towards developing a new website and are now regularly updating the Kennedy Real Estate Facebook page.


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