Tattoo artist Jamie Giant's business is expanding to include hair cuts.

GOOD INK: Jamie Giant has an 18 month long waiting list for his large tattoo works. Photo: Mark Logan.
GOOD INK: Jamie Giant has an 18 month long waiting list for his large tattoo works. Photo: Mark Logan.

Jamie Giant's Goldrush Collective tattoo business has only recently opened on Adelaide Street, and he's already got major plans to bring more people and business into Blayney.

As Mr Giant embellishes one of his regular clients, Sydneysider Phil Nilon with an original work of art, he explains his decision to open up the shop in Blayney.

"Blayney is a fantastic town and I'm living out near Neville and the community and council support has been fantastic," he said.

"I've been working in Bathurst and in Sydney as a tattoo artist for 26 years and people like Phil here will travel a long way to see me."

It's not Mr Nilon's first tattoo from Mr Giant either, his back and shoulder is adorned with his detailed monochromatic work.

"I've always been really happy with Jamie's work," he said, "When you're going to have something as permanent as a tattoo done, you want it done right."

It's not just Mr Nilon who is happy to wait to visit Blayney to have his tattoo work completed either, the waiting list for the larger works that can take many hours is long.

"I have a waiting list that's 18 months long for all the large jobs," Mr Giant said. "So I'll be needing to train someone up to do some of the smaller jobs."

Not only does he have plans to expand the tattoo side of his business, but he's also giving the men in Blayney an opportunity for a quick trim.

Owner of O'Shea's Barber Shop in Bathurst John O'Shea is now operating out of the front of the store every Wednesday.

"Jamie's a mate of mine and this is a different opportunity for me to come here to Blayney and cut men's hair," Mr O'Shea said.

Goldrush Collective is located at 124 Adelaide Street and is open from Monday to Friday with men's haircuts available on Wednesdays. Call 5300 7131 to book an appointment.


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