Bruce Reynolds answers the five questions sent to each candidate in this year's election.

Bruce Reynolds.
Bruce Reynolds.

Why are you running?

I am running for a second term on Council as I am someone who wants to achieve positive outcomes for our local community. I am far from finished with what I set out to achieve in the first term and so I am running again.

When I started four years ago, I had a number of goals. These included the upgrade and replacement of some roads and bridges, new footpaths, children's playground equipment, sports facilities and improving our parks and gardens. By doing so we have made Blayney Shire the place many people want to come and visit and some have stayed on.

There are still many more things to come and I would like to see a further expansion of the footpaths around the towns and villages. I also aim to continue to bring our roads network to a higher standard, as well as seal the street networks in all of our villages and some of the connecting Shire roads.

What knowledge, skills and qualities do you bring to council?

I have been a small business owner and bring financial, business management and economics skills to the Council. I have a degree in Economics and tertiary qualifications in Horticulture and Financial Management. During this term I completed both an Executive Certificate for Elected Members of Local Government and became a graduate of the Australian Institute of Company Directors. I undertook these extra courses to ensure I had all the skills and knowledge, as well as my real world business experience, to deliver what the community wants and asks for.

I know the business of Blayney Shire Council from back to front. Being on Council for more than four years I have a large corporate knowledge of the operations of the Council and strongly participate in council meetings and other activities of Council to gain positive outcome for our community.

What do you see are some of the strengths of Blayney shire?

The quality, resilience and spirit of the people in our community is a major strength. This has been shown so well during COVID when everyone pulled together and tried to make our community as safe as possible.

Many are also willing to lend a hand to support people when they are down or struggling or when they are running a community event.

We have seven villages, the Town and several localities and everyone is proud of their community and tries to bring their best to the community.

We are also an economic powerhouse for the state with the largest underground gold mine in the southern hemisphere, together with the Nestle Purina factory and a large number of other industries located in our Shire. We have also a growing tourism industry centred in Millthorpe and Carcoar.

Our Shire is a hidden gem which is fast becoming known by many in the state and throughout Australia as a place you must visit

What do you see are some of the challenges facing Blayney shire?

One of the largest challenges in the Shire is balancing sustainable mining with the impact on the community and agriculture. Another is the number of property developments particularly in areas close to Bathurst and Orange. While development in all its forms can be positive, it needs to be managed so it does not negatively impact on our communities.

I believe constant consultation with the community is extremely important. I strived to attend as many town and village meetings as possible throughout my term on council. This is to ensure I am aware of the issues and challenges in each community and can champion what the town and villages want. I am not someone who only turns up in the month or two before an election to garner votes, I believe it is the hard work over months that ensures a Councillor is connecting with the community and representing them proactively to achieve what the community wants and help them overcome any challenges.

What's your vision for Blayney shire?

I would like to see a Shire which is well balanced and economically strong, taking into account preserving our heritage values and environment, while still allowing sustainable growth.

I also want Council to work with companies and future developers to achieve sensitive street scapes for our villages under any development

One of my objectives is a sustainable energy system, based on solar, which provides financial benefits to our ratepayers as well as provides positive social and environmental outcomes. I am also keen to start the water recycling plant which will save our precious drinking water and provide water to Blayneys sports grounds during drought.

I also want to see measured growth but not at the destruction of our valuable agricultural land and water resources.

I also want to see the tourism industry continue to be supported and sustainably developed in Carcoar and Millthorpe.

Overall, I want to see a community that is happy and contented and Council helping to achieve this.


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