The Informer: How's the serenity? Well, it depends where you live

How's the serenity? It depends where you live

We might picture ourselves as a wide, brown land full of egalitarian principles, long, hot summers and a fair go for all, but the stark reality is something very different.

And it was on show today at a parliamentary hearing into the NSW government's handling of the coronavirus outbreak.

A group of community leaders from west and south-west Sydney told the inquiry people in the region feel "totally alienated from the rest of Sydney". Many feel targeted because of their ethnicity.

Clear and consistent restrictions as well as messaging would be a start, the inquiry was told.

"What is good enough for Merrylands is also good for Mosman," Arab Council of Australia chief executive Randa Kattan said.

"We have been made to feel like criminals in our own homes. That's what happens when you find yourself flanked by police as you leave the 7-Eleven store. That's how it feels when you wake to hear choppers hovering overhead."

Homes were top of everyone's minds it seems today with two states announcing home quarantine trials and a third, South Australia, expanding its app-based home quarantine system.

NSW Premier Gladys Berejiklian announced a seven-day home quarantine pilot program, to start later this month. Of the 175 vaccinated participants, 50 will be Qantas flight crew.

It's all part of the big picture to get "get Sydney global again" with the government planning to rapidly scale up international arrivals if the pilot goes to plan.

Tasmania's Peter Gutwein opted for a trial too, but for a more wholesome reason. He's keen to get Tasmanians off the big island back onto their little one as soon as possible. It's believed about 200 have been holed up in Delta-ridden NSW for many weeks.

Of course there's fine print. Tasmanians only in regional NSW will be eligible to quarantine for two weeks at home if they are double vaccinated, have provided a negative COVID test and have no other occupants in their home. After all that, the trial will be assessed after 30 days.

There's much more on the COVID-front but the links below may help there and no doubt more will emerge after National Cabinet is done.

In the meantime nod with me and pay respects to our Kiwi friends who have come up with a spectacular name for their Mr Whippy-style vaccination bus. Jab Lab, Vax Van, Mr Pricky and Vax to the Future were ok, but the winner?

Shot Bro.

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