Three concepts revealed for Pym Street in Millthorpe

Just what is Millthorpe and in what direction will it take over the next five, ten or longer year?

Is it a major tourist destination, a quaint historic town or an in demand residential area?

Following on from Blayney's conceptual main street plans, the unveiling of concept plans for Millthorpe's Victoria and Pym Streets in many ways asks that question.

Over 35 people took part in the Zoom presentation which detailed the three options put forward by Place Design Group director Nick Ison.

Option one included turning Victoria Street into a one way street heading west from Park Street and into Pym Street which would also be one way heading south.

Option two left Victoria Street as two way traffic but Pym Street would become one way towards the railway station.

It's not a project to deliver a fixed, set in stone plan.

Nick Anagnostaras

By far option three is the boldest and involves closing Pym Street of entirely and developing it as a pedestrian only plaza with limited vehicle access to those living on the street.

Participant in the meeting Rosemary Reid said that of the three options it was number two that appealed the most.

"I can't possibly see how they could block off Victoria Street to be one-way," she said. "It would push too much traffic into other streets when they're returning to Bathurst."

"You couldn't block off Pym Street because too many residents and businesses depend on deliveries and access for that to work.

"One way with angled parking would be quite good because it would maintain that old school amenity look about it."

President of the Millthorpe Village Committee Nick Anagnostaras said that the concepts are just that, big picture strategic designs with a master plan focus which will drive out many other projects.

"This is not a development application," he said. "It's not a project to deliver a fixed, set in stone plan."

"The intent is to build on what the village is, not take away from the village character at all.

"It's about connectivity in all modes of transport including by foot, and in improving our traffic flow, parking and community safety."

Mr Anagnostaras said that it's important that the community gets deeply involved in the response to the concept plans.

"Write whatever you want and as much as you want in the feedback forms or the additional comments in the survey, or send an email directly to council because if you don't it will limit the capacity of a decision," he said.

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