MILLTHORPE MATTERS: That was then, this is now

DAMP: Continuing run off on the corner of Forest Reefs Road and Glenorrie Road.
DAMP: Continuing run off on the corner of Forest Reefs Road and Glenorrie Road.

That Was Then

The last column for M.M. was dated 14 July. Forgive the defeatist absence since then, but here we are, tempted to optimism by some glorious spring weather which came on schedule September 1st, and teased by hopes of eased lockdown restrictions as vaccination rates rise.

Our community, confronted with how to live life thoughtfully, taking care of ourselves and those around us, and hopefully keeping anxiety and distress at bay, has again proved to be our best defence.

A Few Good Stories

While there have been disappointing cancellations within and beyond our region over the past two months, life goes on and small achievements can be recognised around the village.

The CWA rooms have been freshly painted; the Golden Memories Museum is upgrading its amenities with a new enclosed office and archives space within the Good Templars Hall; stylish and innovative domestic builds are progressing; and the massive undertaking of renovating and restoring the Grand Western Lodge is ongoing, attention now focused on the iconic, wrought-iron veranda which wraps around two sides.

Many gardens have had a Spring-makeover, delighting the eye with the blossoms, flowering bulbs and scrubs, and some notable magnolia and camellia displays.

Walking for exercise has brought out more people, and dogs, as the weather warms up, and the environs of Redmond Oval and Richard's Lane are popular.

This Is Now

It's not only people and pets enjoying the warmer weather. The first snake of the season was spotted on the hill behind the cemetery last week. The posted photo prompted suggestions that the season might also be a rather 'snakey' one.

If the volume of frogs' croaking from the water-logged land on the corner of Forest Reefs Road and Glenorrie Road is any indication, snakes will know where to bag their dinner.

The rainfall for the winter months should be a wake-up call to Blayney Council to review the drainage issues on the western side of the railway line.

A closer look at the water surrounding the property at 105 Forest Reefs Road, and the steady, dual stream of water running into the pipe under the road, from 61 Forest Reefs Road, clearly shows that bureaucrats and developers cannot ignore nature.


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