Winter arrives in Millthorpe with rain and snow

Winter in Millthorpe

AUTUMN DELIGHT: The last days of Autumn were on show in this delightful Millthorpe garden.

AUTUMN DELIGHT: The last days of Autumn were on show in this delightful Millthorpe garden.

The official start of Winter on Tuesday 1 June was closely followed by 3 days of much-needed rain totalling in excess of 40mm. More rain and very cold temperatures are forecast for this week. The weekend of 5-6 June, sunny but chilly, still saw many visitors to the village.

It's twelve months since the pandemic regulation 50 kilometre travel limit was lifted, and the number of visitors to come to Millthorpe since the June long-weekend of 2020 has steadily increased. Hopefully the rather grey and cold weather forecast for the coming long-weekend will not discourage visitors to the village.

Underpass Finishing Touches

The upgrade to the railway underpass connecting the village to Forest Reefs Road is a great benefit to pedestrians, with a wide and smooth concrete footpath, bordered by safety kerb and guttering, extending from Elliot Street to Glenorrie Road.

The road surface is unfortunately another matter.

The edges of the existing bitumen have been given a coating of hot-mix and light blue-metal, but the rain and the wear from vehicles travelling west under the underpass, have already resulted in potholes and corrugations. Hopefully a more lasting surface is scheduled.

Autumn Virtual Garden Ramble

From Lyndall Harrison, Millthorpe Garden Ramble Committee President, comes the following news.

Following the success of the Virtual Garden Ramble last year, the Ramble Committee has put together a slice of Autumn here in the magical surrounds of Millthorpe in the Central West, and they would love people to sit back and enjoy it.

To view the virtual ramble, hop online at and hit VIRTUAL RAMBLE EVENT.

If you enjoy it, please share it with people you know far and wide. Last year's virtual Ramble turned out to be truly an international event and the committee is aiming for that again.

Millthorpe Creative Arts

The success of the art exhibition held over the Easter weekend has prompted the Millthorpe Creative Arts committee to mount another exhibition for the June long-weekend.

A marvellous collection of art, created by local artists and artisans, will be available to view and purchase at the Pioneer Gallery of the Golden Memories Museum. Saturday 12 June, from 12.30pm - 3pm, and 13 - 14 June 11am - 3pm.


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