'Rebuilding Beef Production' field day.

Beefing up production after the drought

On the 13 May 2021, Local Land Services will be holding a "Rebuilding Beef Production" field day at Lyndhurst. There will be a range of presentations around the theme of recovering after the drought and will have practical aspects to the day.

There will be a focus on ways to rebuild your beef enterprise through breeding, buying in stock and implications of current livestock prices.

The day will also highlight some of the risks and issues of 'rebuilding' your herd around some of the local health issues in the central tablelands.


The presentations will be given in context to the current situation. There will also be discussions about the current pasture situation and what are ways forward to improve your pastures, with performance.

Several industry specialists will be there on the day to share their knowledge and experience. The day is planned to be interactive and informative.

The day will be an opportunity to meet with others in the industry to discuss options.

Due to Covid requirements there is a requirement for anyone planning on attending to pre-register. For more information contact Brett Littler. 0427007398 or go to the Events page of the Central Tablelands Local Lands Services. https://www.lls.nsw.gov.au/regions/central-tablelands/events to book