Pym Street Millthorpe balcony criteria is unclear

DEFT AT HAND: Sonette Vermaak on the piano that she has restored in the Grand Western Lodge.
DEFT AT HAND: Sonette Vermaak on the piano that she has restored in the Grand Western Lodge.

Millthorpe Matters

The Year Ahead

Optimism seems to be the default mood for many village residents as February ends with 100mm of rain recorded for the year so far, the pandemic seemingly manageable, and vaccines being rolled-out.

The sense of normalcy returning is palpable, many residents commenting that the challenges of 2020 have sharpened their appreciation of living in such a lovely village community.


Admissions for December/January were excellent with a total of 405 people visiting the museum.

A grant from Arts Rescue and Restart Grant covered the first stage of CCTV installation.

The new toilet block project, nearly covered by the drought funding grant and NSW Govt Building Partnership Grant, has come in under-budget.

The local Millthorpe Artists Group has booked the Pioneers Gallery for an Exhibition over the Easter Weekend, opening hours be confirmed.

The museum's Collection Database is steadily growing.

Anyone happy to do data entry at home, please contact Hayley Lavers.

Volunteers will soon be needed to give the museum and grounds an 'Autumn-clean'.

Millthorpe Village Committee

At the MVC meeting on 17 February, updating the Village Plan was discussed, with community consultation to take place.

The details of the Lifeline Australia mental health and awareness workshop in Millthorpe in the coming month will also be confirmed shortly.

The MVC is engaging with Blayney Council on various projects to achieve the best results and to deliver a Community Plan for Millthorpe. The Settlement Strategy aims to identify service and project delivery requirements.


A warm thank-you to Sonette Vermaak, who has returned home to Melbourne after a year here, for the countless hours she spent completely rebuilding the historic 1867 piano which resides in the Great Western Lodge.

Questions sent to Blayney Council, regarding the regulation banning the use of some Pym Street balconies after 8.30pm, have been addressed.

Owner-occupiers will not be affected but balcony properties being used for commercial accommodation will be, the regulation being a DA approval requirement.

The viability of Pym Street as the village's main commercial street having a 'Nanny State' regulation imposed on some buildings was raised with Council.

Case-by-case flexibility was hinted at, but the criteria is unclear, and this column can report the disquiet and disappointment some residents are voicing at this regulation and the lack of community consultation.