The Informer: And let the COVID reopenings begin ... just not in WA

And let the COVID reopenings begin ...

And as traditionally happens when things go up, they go down again. Or at least partially down.

Such is the case with all manner of COVID-19 restrictions across the country today. In a nutshell, here's what happened ...

Greater Brisbane emerged from a three-day snap lockdown. There were no new cases today but masks will remain necessary for indoor public places such as shops, hospitals, aged care facilities and the like.

The Northern Territory and the ACT have given the all clear for residents to return from Greater Brisbane. But Western Australia Premier Mark McGowan is keeping his state's border closed to bananabenders until authorities are certain there is no community spread of the virus.

Victoria has put in place a traffic light system. The new system does mean that all domestic travellers will need to apply for a permit to enter Victoria, even from states and territories with no COVID outbreaks (except for those in NSW border communities). You have more questions? Of course, you do - here's the official "frequently asked questions" page from the government. If you think you'll risk it and try to cross the border without a permit, look forward to a $4957 fine.

Victorians stuck in regional NSW will be able to return home from 6pm on Monday but anyone in Greater Sydney still faces quarantine restrictions.

More Aussies stranded overseas will soon be able to fly home after a deal was struck to gradually increase the number of quarantine spots at a facility near Darwin. It's explained here.

Domestically, expect to see a handful of new cases to be included in Tuesday's figures, but much of the talk was political sparring between state Premiers defending their approach to the virus.

Globally, the situation is very different with the number of infections worldwide doubling in just 10 weeks. For instance, the Africa Centres for Disease Control and Prevention has reported more than three million cases and more than 72,000 deaths. South Africa expects to receive its first delivery of a vaccine later this month.

And as Donald Trump's time in the White House winds down, movers and shakers in the US are winding up. From plans for Mr Trump's impeachment, to companies suspending political donations to diplomats calling for the 25th Amendment to be invoked so he can be removed from office, the walls are closing in on the 45th US President.

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