VIEW CLUB - December notes

Huge thanks to Rosemarie Amos who was guest speaker in November, when we began our evening with a walk through the Golden Memories Museum.

Many members were visibly (and audibly!) surprised at the extent of both the museum itself and the number and quality of the exhibits.

Quite a few of us think of museums as old dusty places with a particular 'scent' where things lie untouched for many years.

Due to the huge commitment, skills and dedication of local volunteers this museum is a stand out attraction, featuring a huge number of exhibits, most of which have been beautifully restored, many in working order.

There is a huge amount of Millthorpe history in the actual buildings themselves, the first of which was the Good Templers Hall but throughout the site, many buildings have their own history.

The VIEW Club holds it's meetings in what was the convent school and Jacoba Cottage which is now the museum shop was constructed largely from kerb and guttering bluestone which was removed in some places in the village a number of years ago.

The museum pays tribute to many key volunteers who have played extremely active roles in the museum, such as Trevor Pascoe who was president from 1990 to 2012 and the Museum Cooks who started in the 1980's and who, under the guiding hands of Elaine Streatfeild, Joyce Pascoe and now Joan Whiley have raised over $150,000.

The money raised through catering has enabled a huge number of improvements to the museum.

We hope that the museum will experience an influx in visitor numbers when members bring their families and grandchildren to this extraordinary attraction.

With many working exhibits children can safely press a button and see how some of the machines functioned.

Rosemarie was thanked by Roslyn MacRae.

Our next meeting will be our Christmas dinner, on 15th December.

Program officers have promised some surprises on the night!

Members are asked to dress up for the evening - nice dress up not flashing Christmas earrings or Santa shirts!

Rather than a Christmas theme just do what would once have been considered your 'Sunday best!'

There will be some original 'Christmassy' cards for sale on the evening (10 for $50 with all proceeds going to Learnng for Life.

Dinner numbers must be to Virginia DeSantis (not Virginia Happ!) before Friday 11th December.

Many have indicated their intent to come or apology on the sheet handed around at the last meeting but if you haven't, or need to change your arrangements, please contact Virginia on 0457672748 or