Plans to reopen Sunny Ridge golf club

Sunny Ridge Golf Club
Sunny Ridge Golf Club

Plans to reopen Sunny Ridge Golf Club in Mandurama are being teed up, but there's a fair way to go before the club's doors swing open once more.

A recent meeting attracted 50 members of the community to discuss the potential of the club reopening.

Although they have no interest or direct involvement in the club the meeting was organised by Blayney Shire Council and chaired by the mayor Scott Ferguson.

Councillor David Somervaille spoke to the assembled community members who were all keen to discover what could be done to bring the club back.

Cr Somervaille said that the club was in a relatively good position with no mortgage on the land and a steady, but small income now available.

"There are 13 people who volunteered to create a working group to work out the exact position of the club is, what its expenses are, what its income is, what its assets are and in what way it can keep functioning," he said.

"Currently they are earning $8,000 a year from the lease of the NBN tower which pays for rates and insurance."

Whether or not the 21 acres of land will once again become a golf course is open to discussion, Cr Somervaille said, and it's all up to what the working group decide.

"If they decide that a golf club is no longer feasible they may then look at what other possibilities there are for the site," he said.

Options include keeping the building as a community centre whilst leasing the land for grazing or looking at establishing a caravan park or similar.

Nothing is off the cards except that the land though is too small for use as a rural residential block. The minimum size is 100 acres.


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