Historic Blenheim sold to Sydney art consultant

Historic Blenheim sold to Sydney art consultant

One of Blayney shire's most historic houses has been purchased by a Sydney buyer who acquired the property sight unseen.

Blenheim in Carcoar has been sold to Sydney art consultant Kate Smith for $854,000.

Built in 1860 by convict turned entrepreneur and member of the New South Wales Legislative Assembly Barnard Stimpson, Mrs Smith fell in love with family home as soon as she saw it come up for sale, and so enraptured was she that she still hasn't seen the property in the flesh.

"I really loved that house and I wanted it badly," she said. "I had heritage people inspect it for me and tell me what condition it's in and they gave it nine and a half out of ten. It's in great nick."

Finding an historic home that hasn't been modernised or tinkered with in some way has proven a challenge for Mrs Smith, whose plans for Blenheim are minimal.

"I'm obsessed with colonial architecture and old houses and I've been looking for one for a long time, and this one ticked all the boxes," she said.

As an art consultant and artist's facilitator, Mrs Smith plans on opening the house for artists-in-residences and on occasion to the general public for special events.

"I'm going to fill it with Australian art and will open it up every so often for open days and art sales," she said.

Mrs Smith said the low-key nature of Carcoar and its strong history were all part of the appeal of purchasing Blenheim.

"The whole town is just beautiful," she said, "Blenheim will have all its integrity preserved, I'll be keeping it true to its era."


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