Millthorpe Edible Garden springs to life

It's an idea that was planted quite a few years ago but now thanks to the generosity of a Millthorpe resident the Millthorpe Edible Gardens has sprung to life.

Nestled away in theback of a spare residential block, which is being kindly donated by the neighbouring owner, old water tanks have been cut down to size and filled with soil donated by Australian Native Landscapes.

A team of MEGs, as they're known, met for their inaugural planting day on Sunday and after tramping down the soil, adding piping around the sharp iron edging and laying out the beds, planting began.

With a few wild rabbits looking on, no doubt planning how to climb the corrugated iron, organisers Libby McFeeters, Sue Rogan and Helen Russ thanked the assembled volunteers before leading a discussion on how the garden would work.

"It's all about sharing good food in the community," Helen said,

"We will be meeting here on Pitt Street every Sunday from 8.30am on and invite all gardeners and community members to come along and see how they can get involved.

"As things grow we'll look at opening up a crop swap table down the main street or gardeners can bring their excess produce up to the garden on a Sunday to swap with others."

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