St Paul's Carcoar should stay in community's hand

Concerned: A group of Carcoar residents outside of St Paul's Anglican in Carcoar when the A Current Affair team visited. Photo: Mark Logan.
Concerned: A group of Carcoar residents outside of St Paul's Anglican in Carcoar when the A Current Affair team visited. Photo: Mark Logan.


I cannot express in words the damage and heartache that will be bestowed upon the community in the small village of Carcoar if the sale of St. Paul's church goes ahead.

Please rethink this disgraceful plan and show some respect.

Suzanne Lee


I am so disappointed with the appalling decision to sell Carcoar Anglican Church.

I believe it is time for the State Government, Blayney Council, or groups such as the National Trust, to step in and purchase the building.

The $400,000 sale price won't go far in fixing the debt the diocese has run up.

However, but it would be money well spent on behalf of, not only local residents, especially the families of those buried at the site, but all who appreciate our history.

John Clegg


It's an absolute disgrace that the Anglican Church can even consider selling a priceless piece of our heritage just to cover some of their costs incurred trying to cover up some of their past atrocious deeds.

Shame on them.

Roger Jones


To whom it may concern,I believe the sale of St Paul's in Carcoar is inappropriate and must not happen.

The Anglican Church has other properties and lands that are not as loved and needed as St Paul's in Carcoar.

This church is a major tourist drawcard and the community has raised over $200,000 for its repairs and upkeep.

If this sale goes ahead- I believe the community MUST be reimbursed for this same amount.

Therefore the worth of the church estimated at approximately $400,00- would in fact only gain the Diocese around $200,000 after repaying their debt to the community.

Possibly legal action could be sought to force the Anglican church to repay. On top of this fact, it is disgraceful that people's remains are buried under and around this lovely church- what is to happen to these remains??

Please DO NOT sell this much loved and cared for church, please consider another property to raise funds.

Sincerely, Chere Michael.


The residents of Carcoar remain in support of the Anglican Church's redress payments to the survivors of sexual abuse. The abhorrent acts of those individuals within the Church must be addressed and the survivors supported and compensated. The whole community is going to bear the cost of this abuse.

Last Tuesday's meeting left many wondering why our community of hundreds of people are made to suffer to compensate maybe two victims of institutional abuse. Wrong has been done by the victims and it is also been done to the people who hold St Paul's dear to their hearts. Residents find solace in visiting St Paul's quietly by themselves or seeing loved one's plaques in the columbarium. It is the heritage of countless families.

St Paul's is more than just a Church for a few faithful to have services at on a Sunday, it is a foundation-building of our historic town. When the National anthem is being played all eyes are looking towards the flag as it is an important part of trust for all eyes to be looking in one direction. The active Church building provides a focal point in the community for all the residents and visitors to know the town has values of kindness, decency and goodness - even if some members of the Clergy have forgotten what the Church was founded upon.

St Paul's is also a foundation business within our small community. It is a well-visited tourist attraction for lone travellers through to holding large weddings, baptisms and funerals. All of this generates income for the coffee shop, stores, the Hotel, the B&B's, the Community Hall and the restaurant. Without the income from visitors, none of these businesses could survive.

The unfortunate reality is the Diocese is going to sell St Paul's. We asked in last Tuesday's meeting if we could have time to raise $400,000 and purchase the grounds and buildings to maintain it as a nondenominational chapel for our town's heritage and more importantly we could save the family histories which are tied to the building.

If I were going to back a town in saving their Church from being turned into a quirky and dysfunctional house it would be Carcoar. Plenty of Carcoar families have overcome bigger problems than this and they have done it with grit and determination. If enough of us can work together we may well save our Church.

George King


These times are not ordinary.

We are faced with emotional and psychological defects, then financial stuff-upps.

No solution, it has to be worked through SLOWLY and very carefully.

Past demeanours of the church hierarchy are now having to be paid for.

Sadly in $'sss--nothing else. It comes down to money which will never pay for the hurt and humiliation..

Be careful!!--what you ask for will never heal the scars.

Malcolm Bell

Heartbroken.. 5 generations of my family's weddings, so many other connections.

Next month would have been my 40th wedding anniversary; here at St Paul's.

Sadly my husband was an abuse survivor and suicided at the age of 60 two years ago.. So many thoughts., no easy solutions.

Can a trust be set up to purchase and run as community church?

Janet Ruth Kidd

Can't understand why it isn't a heritage listed building or if it is how it can be sold.

Eleanor Cook

Why don't they sell the cathedral in Bathurst instead?

Sally Green

Bloody good old idea Sally.

Then they should re purchase the former Bishops residence for the Bishop and move all their headquarters back to Carcoar.

Bob Molloy