Mitigation work beginning as Regis plants trees, primed for double glazing

TREES PLANTED: The trees planted this week by Regis Resources. Photo: SUPPLIED
TREES PLANTED: The trees planted this week by Regis Resources. Photo: SUPPLIED

Regis Resources have begun planting tree-lines and are preparing to double glaze windows on properties near the proposed McPhillamy's mine site at Kings Plains.

The work, which started in recent weeks, is part of a tailored mitigation plan to reduce noise, dust and visual impacts from the project.

Regis Resources' manager of special projects Tony McPaul said the company was covering the costs of of the mitigation work for each residence.

"Households closest to the mine have been offered mitigation options including some double glazing, air-conditioners, water filters, building modifications and tree planting for visual screening," Mr McPaul said.

"Regis has been committed to these works since the first technical studies identified potential impacts of the project on our near neighbours.

"Discussions with neighbours were initiated by Regis and have been ongoing throughout the project."

Mr McPaul said the work Regis was doing was "going above and beyond" what was required by NSW Government regulations.

"Some of the works are required in order to meet government regulations for the project - such as the visual screening/ tree planting," he said.

"But the other measures (air-conditioning, water filters, building modifications, double glazing) have been committed to by Regis in recognition of the potential impacts to our near neighbours.

"Regis has chosen to go above and beyond what is required, in its commitment to being a good neighbour."

Some of the tree planting has already commenced to allow the trees to grow in the event the project is approved.

Residents also have the option to sell properties to Regis if they are close to the site and thus most likely to be impacted by noise.

"Many of our neighbours don't want to sell and are happy to stay but we've made that offer so that people will have the option if they decide to sell and move elsewhere once mining starts - if the project is approved," Mr McPaul said.


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