Lake Rowlands reaches 100 per cent after heavy rains

Sodden soils and heavy rain.

That magical combination has filled Lake Rowlands to the brim and the general manager of Central Tablelands Water Gavin Rhodes couldn't be happier.

"The rapid rate at which Lake Rowlands has filled has been incredible," he said.

"With the catchment now saturated and all the tributaries flowing, the lake increased from 32.5% in late April to topping by the end of July.

Over it goes: Lake Rowlands is full and overflowing.

Over it goes: Lake Rowlands is full and overflowing.

"During July the dam increased by over 40%, with a 20% increase occurring over a 30 hour period."

Mr Rhodes said that it just shows how suitable Lake Rowlands is as a location to increase water storage.

"It once again proves the reliability of the catchment, and strengthens the justification for augmenting Lake Rowlands to assist in managing future droughts for our consumers and the region," he said.

CTW's chairman, Cr David Somervaille said that it is fantastic to see Lake Rowlands spilling once again.

"This spill event in such a short period of time displays the resilience of the catchment and clearly demonstrates the water security potential for the region."

The Council of CTW resolved at an extraordinary meeting on Wednesday 29 July to ease water restrictions for the entire CTW supply network from Level 4 to Level 1 commencing Monday 3 August 2020 due to Lake Rowlands being at full capacity.