Lake Rowlands when it's full and overflowing

If ever there was justification for raising the height of the dam wall at Lake Rowlands, it's the speed with which the lake can fill when the rain comes.

Upwards of 90 millimetres has fallen in parts of Blayney shire over the past week, and those sloping hills around the lake were already damp from previous falls.

The recent rains have flown straight down, lifting the level to 100 per cent on Wednesday July 29.

Central Tablelands Water general manager Gavin Rhodes said that Lake Rowlands was expected to overflow late on Wednesday afternoon.

"I went for a drive around Neville and Barry on Tuesday and the creeks were flowing fast," he said.

"It really is great to see all that water flowing straight down into our catchment."

As always the rain gauges vary from village to village with 50 millimetres falling in Millthorpe and around 90 millimetres landing on councillor David Kingham's property near Lyndhurst.

Blayney and the entire CTW network will go to level one restrictions on Monday August 3.