Colour our lives with some driveway art

With all our families staying at home over Easter this is the perfect year to get the kids, or our inner kids, to get creative in the great outdoors.

Blayney shire resident Heather Fillery has been chronicling her children's driveway art over the past few years and has extended the invitation to everyone to display their talents online.

"We do it twice a year at Easter and at Christmas to invite the Easter Bunny and Santa to visit," she said.

"This year though I put the challenge out to friends to share them on Facebook and it's been fantastic."


The Blayney Chronicle are now inviting everyone to get creative, with whatever material they like, to submit their driveway art on our Facebook page.

If you don't have chalk, don't worry, paint on sheets of paper and anchor them to the ground, make a sculpture or create something on an old sheet and lay that on the driveway as well.

There's no theme, no constraints at all, just include the kids - kidults who made the artwork so we can all enjoy our wonderful community that little bit more.