Heavy rains fall across Blayney shire

A beautiful sight.
A beautiful sight.

The skies have opened up in a massive way across Blayney shire with 50 millimetres falling in Millthorpe and Newbridge.

The amounts landing in Blayney township range from 15mm to 20mm.

The first storm on Wednesday morning added 30mm to the gauges but it was the second system after 8pm that was the icing on the cake, adding another 20 to the total.

It was heavy too, the kind of rain that will run off into the dams and creeks around where it fell.


Out at Newbridge our resident meteorologist was happy to see 50mm in total in her gauge this morning.

Alas around Lake Rowlands the numbers were lower with no flow into Lake Rowlands from the 13mm that fell around the catchment.

In Mandurama there was 22mm and near Carcoar there was 23.5.

The level of Lake Rowlands on May 23 was 35.5 per cent.