Drought funding projects in Blayney valued over $1.6 million

SHOWING OFF: Scott Ferguson with Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Blayney.

SHOWING OFF: Scott Ferguson with Prime Minister Scott Morrison in Blayney.

Blayney Shire Council are in the enviable position of having $1 million to spend, thanks to the extension of the Federal Government's Drought Communities Program.

However the Blayney community have submitted projects to the value of $1.6 million, meaning that for some groups out there, their projects will once again be left on the shelf.

Each councillor has scored the 16 projects and the final submissions will be voted on during the February 17 council meeting.

Councillor John Newstead said that scoring each of the projects was a tough process.

"We have to look at what projects have both a short-term economic benefit and will also help the community over the longer term," he said.

"It makes it difficult because we know that some groups are just going to have to miss out."

Projects ranging from bores to sports ground seating and fencing are among the suite of projects submitted, and for councillor Bruce Reynolds it was the distribution of the funds throughout the shire that was important.

"Every village is receiving some sort of help through the DCP funding and although some groups will be disappointed the largess has been widely spread around the shire," he said.

Even though the councillors have each submitted their preferred projects and a recommendation will be made on Monday night, the final outcome is up to the Federal Government explains General Manager Rebecca Ryan.

"Whilst a project may be supported by Council, any offer of funding is subject to approval by the Australian Government which will undertake their own assessment process and make the final determination of successful projects," she said.