Carcoar to Millthorpe bridge reopens

Usually when a large bridge is opened there will be a bevy of state and federal politicians all keen to have their pictures taken cutting the ribbon.

When a bridge as contentious as the one over Cowriga Creek on Carcoar Road was opened on Monday there was the obligatory ribbon cutting, a symbolic game of tug-of-war and a procession of vintage cars from the two historic villages that the bridge has rejoined.


The presence of a number of Blayney Shire councillors is because the $400,000 bridge was paid for entirely out of council funds, not a grant from any other tier of government.

Councillor David Kingham lives near Lyndhurst and said that the reopening was one of the big success stories of his current council term.

"This finally represents the reopening of three roads since I began seven years ago," he said, referring also to Snake Creek Lane and a shortcut road between Hobby's Yards and Newbridge.

Apart from supercharging the tourist attraction that is Carcoar through increased traffic flows directly from Millthorpe and Orange, Cr Kingham sees the road acting as a valuable conduit for residents looking to shave minutes off local travel.

There are a number of farmers around here that own properties on either side of the bridge and now they'll no longer have to divert through Blayney or go along the Errowanbang Road to get there," he said.

Cr Kingham would also like to see the road renamed and promoted as a tourist route more than anything.

"I'd like to see it called Bindari Way which in Wiradjuri means a track between the hills," he said.