Hill View and Hawthorn Dell up for sale

When it comes to purchasing an historic home, usually you have two choices.

One is to purchase one that needs some work and then spend time, money and effort getting it the way you want it, or alternatively buy one of two completely restored history filled properties that have just come onto the market.

Both on acreage, Hawthorn Dell and Hill View are two of the many homes in the district that if the walls could talk, would tell many a fascinating tale.

Owned by the Read family, Hawthorn Dell lay unused from the mid 1990's until it underwent a renovation in 2011, when the old lean-to kitchen at the back of the house was demolished, revealing a secret under its floor boards.


"Under the kitchen floor was an old preserving jar with a copy of the Orange-Millthorpe Leader dated August 9, 1905 inside," said Tony Read who has owned the property for over 50 years.

The exact date it was completed is unknown, however Mr Read believes it was soon after the property was purchased in 1859.

"The Hawthorn hedges and home were all established by the O'Dell family before they put it up for auction in 1878," he said.

"The big selling point was the twenty miles or so of hedges that they planted."

The property also includes a fascinating bluestone and stringy bark walled stables.

Since it's sale in 1860 to new settler William Thomas, Hill View remained in the Thomas family until Terri Jorgensen and Geoff Hull purchased it in 1985, becoming only the second owners of the East Guyong homestead.

As is often the case the property required work to fit the needs of their growing family and in 1987 the hard decision was made to rebuild the farmhouse.

Attached to the homestead by a southern verandah the farmhouse's materials were used around the beautifully landscaped home.

Mr Hull said that the property would perfectly suit a family that could enjoy the location as much as their children did.

"It really is a privileged lifestyle to be able to live in a place like this. It's a real family friendly property.'

Located on the Mitchell Highway the 29 acre property boasts an underground stream and windmill that keeps the water flowing into the home and property.

Old houses sometimes have a reputation for being cold and damp, Hill View suffers from neither of those thanks to a gallery space that bathes the area between the old farmhouse rebuild, which contains the kitchen, laundry and bathroom, and the homestead, with glorious sunlight.

Both properties are on the market with agent Tom Campbell and details an photos can be found at www.fnbandl.com.au.