Allan Ewin returns to deputy mayor role

Deputy mayor Allan Ewin.

Deputy mayor Allan Ewin.

Whenever there is an election for mayor and deputy mayor in our neighbouring council areas such as Orange and Bathurst, the intrigue and back-stabbing would make the Brexit goings-on look incredibly civilised.

However in Blayney where we do civil political discourse with a cup of tea and a lifted little finger, Monday night's election for mayor and deputy mayor was a very staid and ordinary affair that surprised no one.

In what was a refreshingly short, blink and you'll miss it, September council meeting, the first items up were the election of mayor and deputy mayor.


As expected there was no one to challenge Councillor Scott Ferguson who was handed the role without the need for a count.

The election of deputy mayor however was only slightly more interesting with councillors Allan Ewin and Bruce Reynolds lining up for the job.

When former deputy mayor David Kingham was elected to the role in 2017 he did so with the backing of councillors Reynolds, Denton, Newstead however this time around the voting pattern was different.

Cr Reynolds, who has been on council for two years, was unable to sway the vote of Cr Denton who said that Cr Reynolds needed a few more years as a councillor.

"We have a great team here on council and I voted for experience as I did with Cr Kingham," he said.

Cr Ewin received votes from Crs Ferguson, Somervaille, Denton while Cr Reynolds received votes from Newstead, Kingham.

Cr Ferguson went on to thank Cr Kingham for his time in the role and who for health and time reasons will not be seeking re-election to council in 2020.