Lake Rowlands level rises after snow melts

It was one of the biggest snowfalls in recent times and thanks to it melting, Lake Rowlands has hit 58 percent capacity.

The general manager of Central Tablelands Water Gavin Rhodes said the increase showed just how good a catchment Lake Rowlands is.

"Now that the catchment has been saturated by the recent snow event, we need more follow up rain and subsequent run-off," he said.

As the principle water supply for Blayney, Weddin and Cabonne shires, the push is now on to increase the capacity of the dam to ensure a secure supply in future years.

"It just goes to show what a great catchment Lake Rowlands is as CTW continue to lobby both state and federal governments to fund additional storage."


The extra run-off though won't be leading to any relaxation of the level three water restrictions put in place on July 1.

Mr Rhodes said that CTW may consider lifting the restrictions, which are across the entire network, once the levels reach 60 per cent, however it was very dependent on the long-range weather forecasts.

"We have to be very prudent with our management of the water at the moment because we want to ensure that leading up to the summer period that we have adequate reserves in place," he said.

Mr Rhodes added that CTW's customer base was being very vigilant about their water use.

"It normally drops off anyway during winter, but everyone's being very conscious about their water usage," he said.