Optus outage possibly caused by heavy snowfalls

Optus customers in Blayney have been without services this week and the main cause is suspected to be the heavy snow on the weekend.

General manager for Central NSW Optus Tom O'Dea said that two towers in Blayney had experienced hardware faults on Monday.

"We have one tower in the north of Blayney and another towards the south-west and the hardware fault caused both of them to fail on Monday," he said.

"It's highly unusual for two towers to go down at once."

Mr O'Dea said that Optus had to source replacement parts from interstate to repair the towers.

"Riggers are currently at the towers beginning the repair process and work has been ongoing in the background since the outage was reported," he said.

"We need to remind our customers that they can still access emergency services by calling 000 if they need to."

Although it's still too early to determine if the snow was the direct cause of the outage, Mr O'Dea says that it's a possible cause.

"At this point I can't definitively say, but based on the hardware fault it probably hasn't helped things."

Mr O'Dea said that a further notice will be sent out when services are due to recommence.

"Optus would like to apologise for the inconvenience and thank them for their ongoing patience while we try to restore these services,' he said.