Booze ban baffles Blayney Bears boss

Rugby supporters cheering on the Rams at KGO in 2016.
Rugby supporters cheering on the Rams at KGO in 2016.

A move by Bathurst Panthers to ban vehicle access to Carrington Park has been met with disbelief by the president of the Blayney Bears Tim Mooney.

The notion of banning the vehicles comes after an increase in patrons sneaking alcohol into Group 10 games in 2019.

Bathurst Panthers president Denis Comerford highlighted the issue after his side's round 15 home game when volunteers picked up a throng of bottles following a Saturday night game.


"There was approximately 100 bottles picked up in one location, people didn't even bother disposing of what they smuggled in," Mr Comerford said in disgust.

Orange clubs are also looking at doing the same thing at Wade Park.

Mr Mooney though said that the Bears had no such issue when it comes to King George Oval.

"We don't seem to have a real problem in Blayney with people bringing alcohol in," he said.

"The supporters all seem to come in, support the bar and behave themselves."

Group 10 president, Linore Zamparini, said smuggling beer into rugby league grounds is an age-old issue, and frustrating on a number of levels, including public safety.

"We had problems with it out here in Oberon, I know Blayney experienced it as well," Mr Zamparini said.

He said club volunteers spoke with offenders and advised them of the rules.

"There was an incident this year where some visiting supporters had alcohol in glass bottles and they were asked by a club member to stop using them or they'd be asked to leave."

"We put signs up warning people their alcohol will be confiscated and they will be escorted from the grounds," the long-running Group 10 president said.

"All we can do is walk around, watch people and keep a look out for those doing the wrong thing."